Friday, May 8

My New Lovley home


Yearly day of massive attention are over and done, and as pretty much expected i dont remember a thing and woke up in the guestroom holding my shoes in my arms :)and bruises everywhere, i so wonder how come one always get bruises?!?!?
And how can body be so so tired of sitting drinking?
Feels like a did a marathon and i dont know much but i know i didnt do THAT!

Thanks everyone for a job well done! Bless ya!

I thought i share some pic of my new castle its really making progress ehhh... am moving in on the 18 th so they got 10 more days, bless em! I am not even worried, i mean come on, its going to be great, who cares if its not great day one or even day 30 of my time there. I hope you see the potential, i did! And still do.

Loverpooooooooooool red! And again.. if you cant see differnece between this red and filthy ugly ManU red, stop reading this blog, told you already other day!

Actually this tiles are one of the most beautiful i seen, but i guess you wont bealive me :) heheh! Come visit!

Yea can do with a cleaning and a candle allright !

My bedroom, Bring beach toys, i make the pinacolada!! Whoooo! Making love on the beach yay yay yay.. its Malta baby!

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