Tuesday, May 5

Apartment Junkie Detox

Hiya there!

Long time no seen :)

After feeling sick for almost 3 months i finaly found out why, my apartment had a bigger amount of mold, and to cut it short, am moving....

Whoooo... i never really did feel home in this one anyway, its just so much lookalike all the other apartments here, nothing personal at all. So now Me and princess Tess will, thanks to a very stubborn (almost worse them me.. blimey) property agent that insisted showing me an apartment that not at all had what i asked for or in the area i wanted, am now going to move in there. Great!

Well.. just to face it am not 18 anymore in FACT its my birthday coming up soon (weee cant wait to get those random standard email from all poker sites and pokerforums wishing me happy birthday) and am far from being 18 id say! So living in middle of that IBIZAwannabe area would properbly freak me out after a while anyway, and huge BBQ terraces well, who needs that?

Just pack a basket with wine and goodies and go to the beach and do your BBQ, am in love with the sea anyway so why not.

This is a ok quiet street so i can go out and talk to my old people :) yes i know am silly with my old people, maybe cos i dont have a family close and havent for so many years i dunno .... BUT its nice, they have great stories, just that here i cant understand them, but am working on that.
Mr Fisherman and I are doing progress, indeed we are! I cooked for him other day :), i tell you next blog....but he liked it!

Anyway back to the apartment, i was really against even seeing anyone in this area but was pushed/forced/armed twisted/theraten by a gun/knife on my throath, in that direction by the agent Mr Best Best(www.belair-malta.com) that BTW is very good at this, if ever in need of an agent on this island let me know i put you in contact, he is however not the best in parking though (bhaaaaaa) but who cares, its malta, and actually i would actually say one can turn it around and say: he is REEEAAALLY outstanding super skilled in parking as he dont like walking and dont really respect rules, so one gotta see the positive things in all. As per ususal.
Besides he makes me smile so i dont care very much how he parks. Go figures.

Aparantley this apartment would be just soooo soooo me, lol, no he is not gay, even though that remark is giving clues that way. I actually asked him, maybe one cant ask that but, i never do things random, and his own house where so nice so i had to ask if he was gay, quite fair and logic question in MY world, he however took it fairly good :) already understanding he most likley not dealing with a perfect normal someone on this one.

I guess people working with showing other people places to live automatically records ones reactions seeing certain things, and respect for that really, because it was true, indeed it was my home. 100% sure. (well.... he bloody well should knows whats ticks me of after 72 apartments, i think i got the record and BARE in mind good people, in just 7 work days, where's my price???? )

The souls of the place spoke to me, you know me i hear things others dont. Then imagine what i SEEE that others dont... moooohhhaaaaa!

Even though it did not have the things i listed. But it had charm and personality and a hall and NO corridor, and I will also now have one of those maltese balconys... AND ITS RED!

Not filthy dizzy ManU red, but lovley ' never walk alone red' and for all you who says, whats the difference? Please stop reading my blog.

And even better: I will also have a little office and thats nice, maybe i can even get proper work hrs now, not seeing my pc everytime i cant sleep turning around in my bed thinking i can just as well go up and check emails. I will also have the sweetest landcouple, so nice people. Putting my name on the contract took a few hrs and a bottle of wine :) it feels like she is decorating the apartment FOR me. Weird, and i have not even seen it ready, japps you heard right i have only seen it be a construction place full of people running around doing things, but sometimes one just know, and i mean, come one..... you all know am weird anyway so this is not the worst i done. Far from.

Am best best! It be Best best. We are ALL freaking Best best allright!!!!

Right now the bedroom has like 2 ton's of sand on the floor :) Tess would love to keep it am sure but i am in all fairness little sceptical, you know how annoying it gets with sand everyhwere ;) so lets keep my bedroom smoke and sand free....
.....for now! Am not fuzzy, i can compromize if its important.

The furnitures arrived today (5 th) and what i saw was okedoki, yes i was there inspecting haha, but my landlady seems to like it, she said i can come daily and chase the workers for her, they where quite chocked when i informed them am moving in the 18 th :) and said impossible madam, ohh nooo i said and promised drinks if they work hard. In Malta drinks are solution to soooo many things i realised, how come? It puzzles me. Just as it puzzlez me its so many gay people here, or have i just not seen them before? Or they like mold more then other people? And just as it puzzelz me Maltese people cant go outdoors if it rains, its like they get doomed down their chairs. I love rain. I also love sun.
But you get my point, one cant let the weather decide for you!!

It took 72 apartments to analyse before i knew it was right, this one however i saw as nr 58 but heeeeeeyy i turned into an apartment looking junkie in need of her daily fix so one had to slow down nice and easy.

I still feel a bit shakey in need of some property fix now and then so was pretty close on concidering changing my work to be a property agent and get high every houer seeing new places but then i thought twice, because it would mean cant be in my home so much and i am going to be happy there, am sure.

OR.. i just start looking again. ... is that ok Mr Best best Agent? lol.
NOW he defiantley move abroad quickley!!

Your all invited to ' laa mariane catrine Loley" Casa, - bring wine :)

knuser & knus
from me to you
My little darlings all over the world!

NB: still cant get how they make my name at europas biggest hospital , Madre Dei, to sound like this: laa mariane catrine Loley"


Anonymous said...

I´m happy for you. Nice to find your place.

But how did it go whit the breakfast guy? Did he understand you sent it to him?

A lot of hugs!

Anonymous said...

hahah yes he did! He phoned and woke me to say thbnaks, and i dont know how he got my number... HE musthave pushed the reception girl to get my last name :) and then go on Malta phhone directory!