Monday, December 1

At Malta hospital with a pregnant foot, kind of.

Ok, i guess you all deserve an update!!

After a very long saturday night with pain i realised i should see a doctor with this ANKLE, see yes i spell right now! Me very good ya ya ya.

So sunday morning i jump on one leg around the neighbourhood taking Tess out, and i have now given up the hope that they see me as normal since so many curtains moved while doing this so by now they are convinced that am a nutcase more or less.

Ah well. One do what one have to do - positive thinkning

Arrived at the hopsital and i now know that this hospital actually is the biggest in Europe, one learn so much sitting in emergency room all day. I also learned potatos grow best in the north of Malta and that the water no good in city and that.... ahh you get the picture. And if it wasent for the fact i was in shitload of pain it be quite interesting, so many different people.

Well i register at the counter and as i dont have my blue swedish health card with me and my health incurene here in Malta isnt ready i end up in nomansland and have to deposit a lot of money for anyone even to take my name down, my name that by the way all day trough in all the speakers was "laa mariane catrine Loley" one can for sure say i didnt know it was me the first 10 times i heard it.

After 3 hrs i realise this is going nowhere, since am alone here.
Because i discovered that the ones bringing most friends and relatives and who are able to create the loudest conversation and crazyiest wave with the arms is the one getting help, regardless of the injure.

Not much i can do about family but reverse psycologi might work so i make sure the person in the counter SEES me :-) then i limped/dragged my foot and myself to the counter in best "ringaren from notre damm" style. When finaly there, (all this took maybe 8 minutes and trust me i had the whole waiting rooms divine attention) i squezze a tear out (not that hard actually as i felt both totaly abandon and cut of the world and also in pain) well i squezze a tear out and whisper very low (reverse tactic remember) and the whole waiting room had become silent to hear me, lol, i even hold my arms around me instead of up in air ala Malta style.

I say: pls am so so sorry to disturp you, pls excuse me but i waited for so long and soon i think i will faint and am all alone and im also pregnant and am so scared its not good for me ( well not pregant ofc, unless there is to be a new Jesus to born but a little white lie has not hurt anyone, at least thats what i said to myself then) The minute i say word pregnant the waitingroom BURST out in a loud discussion,angry that they let me sit and wait hahahaha... hillarious! I will love this country.

-Oh bella, Si si, you come tell me, we dont let you waaaaait!
And whupptiii i won the battle of the que, i almost wanted to turn around and raise my arms in victory to the rest of the room as they call my name: "laa mariane catrine Loley go to area 2" But as the very good behaved girl i am i controlled myself.

Really felt as i won a big marathon getting this far, and it took the doctor about 30 seconds to shout, Xray!

Bhaaa... he at least could have given me some more attention he was adorable cute, but propably gay with my luck!

"laa mariane catrine Loley go to xray area"

I can not for this world understand why they have to announce everything, but maybe it is to entertain the waiting room people, because when sitting out there one here all this so one can really follow the peoples move in the system, and the waiting room while i was out there started to discuss when they hear the names go trough to nexty "area" and of course arguee about what the diagnos would be and why and this and that, i mean come on, of course we argue loud and wave our hands
- its Malta baby.

anyway, they xray my fot from all possible angels and then shout in the speakers "laa mariane catrine Loley go back to area 2" and hearing this all day i just need to ask the person in the xray room, why cant he just tell me as am just 1 meter from me him, why does he need to say it in the mic?

I ask this and he once again turn on mic and say: "laa mariane catrine Loley.... WTF? i say no no, i want to know why you do it when am standing here, i understand if you tell me? He reach for the mic AGAIN, and i say noooooo pls...but no luck, "laa mariane catrine Loley please go area 2 now", its true he added a now.

I give up i said Ciao and limped on. Limping has for me now a total different meaning then 2 days ago.

Wonder what they thought in waiting room hearing my name 3 times to leave that area?

Ok BACK in area two. Standing there waiting for my doctor, a nurse come runnig with a wheelchair, ??.. -no no i am ok i say. Nonononon you have to sit, SIT!
Well i sat. Cant argue with a Maltese. Already learnd that.

Doctor came and said (and he axctually said this)
- Listen madam ( madam woot??...), yes i said.
-What is wrong with you?
-ehhhh... i got pain in my fot .. i started to say.
-NO NO.. he said, whats WRONG with you? -Your fot is fraktured in 3 places and in 3 differnt directions and you decide to wait 24 hrs before coming in AND walk around here in the areas instead of letting your family pull the wheelchair?
-Besides i am also told your pregnant, where is your husband!!! he really should be here!

(why did they tell him that, it was just a lie to get into the doctor)

He is angry, my cute doctore is angry with me and i actually cant look at him and say its a lie so say something evenmore stupid, i know, but you need to understand am very tired now. So i say,

- he left me am all alone. ( i reaaaaaaaaaaaly should not said this, and the minute it jumped out my mouth i realised that but too late) the WHOLE area 2 gets quiet and THEN boom, a discussion in Maltese and very loud and angry started, when i think back am sure i will smile one day but at this point i really felt so bad, tricking this people but it was kind of too late.

No shit sherlook it takes so long to get things done in this hospital!! Then they decide that ok, well lets give her a bed!!!

Ok so now they put me in a bed, and role me into the place where they do plasters/cast, and i hear in the speaker, "laa mariane catrine Loley ......seriously when will this farse stop. One nurse is walking beside the bed holding my hand even, i really really felt bad, i dont like lies and am very straight forward but this was like a emergency lie, how would i know the person tell the whole hospital?

I get my cast, is that really the name?
And i still dont understand why they have to do it all the way up to the knee when its the foot that are damaged? Is that not little over kill?

Placed back in wheelchair and out trough the waiting room to deposit some more money to get krytches and another appointment. And yes, of course the waiting room seeing me started to discuss loud and clear as they do about everyone coming out. And one woman came to me and said: -Si si i told my sister, you come out with that, and she knocked on my cast, the sister came up behind her saying a very long harang in Maltese and then turn to me, Si si she right but i said you get bandage! OMG, pls god let me get a taxi home NOW, i kind of want to hear " "laa mariane catrine Loley your taxi here"

Got my kryches and now am actually soon in tears for real, understanding how unbleivable difficult this will be alone in Malta with a dog to take out, and am stricktley banned from using my fot, one can say am "fotbanned", seems like a good complement to the chatbann that i seem to get everywhere. Attitude problem, what they mean?

Am soooo nice!!!!

Over and out, tomorow i tell you about the woman we found to take my Tess out couple of times every day, lol, she is very serious, she explained exactley what Tess done, how she did it and how much and how it looked, well i dont really care as long as it is done outside!

I think the woman is one of those old ladys that cant social with humans, she seem honestley more odd then me. OMG is it me in 30 years i see in her?

Now am scared for real.
Is it momondo .com one find tickets?


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