Friday, December 5

Chantelle & Lydia

Yes, i know it sounds like name taken from a old German adult movie :-) But its not.
As it happens, Me and Tess are now employers.
Not sure what i can call our little company but i figure something out.

Lydia was employed first and she also work mornings. She is old school, fast frames, this is my job and this is not. Very punctual also.

Chantelle is my freelancer and she comes when it suits her. She is an all rounder type of employed person.Very quick learner. Definitive a keeper.

What am i rambling about?

Well, i cant possible walk Tess on my two good friends krytches 1 & 2, then i break other foot aswell and i already got blisters in my hands so i had to "hire" some people to help me with this. Money goes long way. Cash is king.

So Lydia comes 10:00 sharp and take Tess out.
And also 17:00 in case my freelancing staffer Chantelle cant come, mostly in case its rain, you now with freelancing staff they can choose what assignment they take on and apparently dogs living in Malta dont need to go out if its cold and rainy. ok.

Let me so tell you little something about Lydia.
Its very hard to say her age but my guess is somewhere around 50-100. She is about 150cm tall and 120 width.Yes its true. Her hair is gray from the hair roth and about 3 cm and after that is black. Most of times when she comes to work she has her hair in two "pippi longstock" pony tails on each side of the head, looks slightly odd as they approx only are sticking out 2 cm, not very long hair for that hair due IMO but what do i know about fashion.

She wears some sort of pajamas trousers that end just under the knee, to that she got socks that ends half way up the vade and sandals with open toes.

She is not very found of speaking English so we dont do that, she speak Maltese and i stick to nooding and smiling.

She comes and say:- Bongu Bella Tessan meskina meskina pupa sabiha. - Si si, pupa Meskina meskina meskina eyaa lau. I say god morning. Have no glue what she says. Dont really make any difference.

Tess go and get her leach, she actually started to do that minute she hears the door phone as she know that's how it is these days, so she got very annoyed at Mr Aaron Klikk the other day delivering my computer set up and NOT taking her out to pee, she didn't understand that at all. The door phone is her's these days.

And its little funny how dogs adjust. I stand on my balcony with a cop of coffee and look Lydia wobble the street down, she walks veeeeeeeery slow, so slow i get hyper stressed watching, and she talks to Tess in Maltese constantly and I hear the word Meskina Meskina Si si. Tess walks so so slow beside her and look up now and then.

I tried to give Lydia these black bags to use when Tess does nr 2, but she don't understand, or she just prefer her own system and am not member of any union with my little firm yet, so i cant force her do my way. Her system: when Tess is about to do nr 2, Lydia stops her and stick a page from a magazine, says- Si si Meskina (she always has a magazine with her, so one can say Tess take a dump on Brad Pitt and such) She stick the page under Tess and Tess does her thing, then Lydia takes another page and put on top, and make some sort of solution here, I really dont want to go closer into details, sorry for that, but I swear its true I seen her do this. For Real.

Then this walk is over and they turn back home, so this is old school, job done, job over. No fun, nothing extra.

First day she actually brought this "packet" all way up to my apartment to proof the job was done. I said thank you so much but please, i trust my staff.
I am a very good boss.

I have stooped being surprised over things anymore. Life is just so different for all individuals in this world and this is apparently how my life is. So just to accept it. Anyway, after the walk its time to pay her, I pay her 1 € /each time she comes and i wanted to give her 20 € and say we take it from there. But no no, payment each time after work over!  So not only do we have to go trough this time killing procedure twice a day i ALSO need to have change at home. this is my life, yes i hear you! But what can i do?


Then we got Chantelle
Tess loves Chantelle.
Chantelle loves Tess.
I love everyone.

Chantelle is 26, sporty cool and funny. And very pretty with big brown eyes. She is traveling to Australia in mid January and she be very missed. Chantelle comes afternoons and take Tess for 1 hr walk. And Tess knows when its her, not sure how she can hear difference on how they press the door bell :-) But Tess knows! She jumps quick down from sofa, bed or where ever she is nursing her toys and hurry to get her leash (she actually does this, same goes if i sit long and play poker, she takes it and drag it back and forward back and forward on the floor in front of me. Anyway when she knows its Chantelle she runs to get her leash and I open the door and let her out to elevator, its just me up here in penthouse so no problem with that, and she is in that elevator asap it opens jumping all over Charlene :-)
And Charlene laughs and say: Tessssssss my sweet darling!

Again I stand on my balcony seeing them sprint of, in cool outfit and ipod in the ears, and now we talking tempo, Tess is happy tagging along!
Chantelle uses black bags for nr the 2 action. Thank you very much!

When they come back, Chantelle takes care of all, she goes to Tess drawer in kitchen (where Tess runs into and sit and wait) and pick a candy for here, cuddle a bit, always ask if i need something else, and we chit chat for a bit and she runs of. AND i paid her first day for whole week! TY! She takes 15 € for this hour. She is about the only person i speak with IRL these days and she understands that and always chat along. She is very curious about this thingy called poker so before she leaves for Australia, i will invite her for some nice Anna Panna Lasagna and let her play a few SnG :-) if i could hook up my mum who are 75 am sure i can hook up this cool 26 yrs old chick to play some pokehhhaaaa!
And she is not even loud, maybe she isn't Maltese.

Its hard work being an employer id say.

You think one should have "julefrukost?Christmas dinner" when one only have two staff?
I think so.

Anna & Meskina (as i think thats Tess Maltese name)

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