Thursday, December 4

How come, one never break even with "screws" when putting togheter things?


Am Swedish. From the deep forrest of småland the very base and homeland of IKEA, right.

So am kind of used to putting things togheter.
But how come one always get things over?
It cant be good, i know, but WHEN there is no place to fit the things in, i really cant break or make hole in the things just to go +- zero, or?

But it wasent that bad so far, when putting the desk togheter other day i got a funny thing left, and it was just one in the packet so I can only assume it indeed is of some relevance, but there is 100% no place to fit it.

Then i put togheter my chair. There i went minus one piece.
-does this mean am ok? Like i just broke even?
Or will the result of this come later as some sort of reversed rakeback?

Today Mr Aaron Klikk (probarbly not his name but lets call him that) came with my computer set up, they are good here in Malta, home deliver is no problems, its just the reeeeeeaaaaally important things like Pizza, Kebab & Sushi and such i havent found a home deliver of yet. But its just a matter of time - will. Am very stubborn.

Soooo..... pc, printer/scanner, screen.
Result: I got 3 weird wires over, i beliave thats too much.
Even in my world of very high tolerance- its too much.

Even funnier is, they dont fit anywhere, so it cant be any back ups or so, or to use for extra fuzzy gadgetts. Because there is no PLACE for them. At all. And now you hot young guns pokerplayers shake your head and think sick she is daft but then you dont get it- the thing in each end of the wires can not even possible go in anywhere, not on these maschines anyhow.

I get so tired. They stress people with this- honestley,why send it along then? And if anything break down i bet they say: yepps your own fault, you didnt use all the wires! Warranty not valid.
But FFS listen - they dont FIT ANYWHERE!

Can i make a complain in some sort of higher instance for this?
Am very good in writting those emails :)

Even Adam Jungler replied me when i emailed him asking if he please can speed up a bit on the tables when on TV since its driving me totaly on tilt seeing his action, like a koalabear.

Have it best

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