Saturday, December 6

Tess the celebrity girl, peeing on the red mat!

Yesterday before going to bed, or shall i say this morning, i took Tess out, and i mange to take her on a 200 m walk, only took an hr,ya ya ya LOL!

Anyway, seem to be some kind of event on because here was a big red mat rolled out outside one place, i dont have a clue, as i been stranded up in my appartment, this is first time i really are out in a week and also its 05 so cant really get the grip on why the red carpet is there, NEVER mind, ghaaaaaaaaaaaa, just get to it phanna, stop this rambiling!

Well, i had to pass this red mat, and as i dont walk so quick, yes.. well....

Tess can now add to her experienced life being a celebrity dog and done her pee pee on that red carpet. It was not at all my intention but as i couldt pass it quick and had to walk there (it was big mat), it happend.

After all she thinks she is outside :)

Lydia been here and we did our standard morning ritual, -si si Meskina ect ect, and i said Morning! Still dont have a clue what she says.

Now am going online to order grocceries, its all empty here and they do homedelivery so going to try that and after 13.00 a petshop delivers 15 kg dog food.

So all in all, its actually possible to stay totaly locked up, most can be fixed. Even though i have not choosed it, and dont want to be in this situation again.

Sun is stunnig today, shining in on my back warming me, so i will role my chair 30 cm to the left :))) and sit outside on one of the balconies a bit and get some brown boops i think.

Hep hep over and out!


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