Thursday, December 11

Where are the hidden cameras? pls?

Malta seems to reall have taking disliking to me, and i dont know why, i been nothing but good! So besides not having water and food between saturday and wednsday wich in all fairness i think is penalty enough for what ever reason am being punished, i have also burned my nose, cut my fot, met a man in hand cuffs, got new plaster by Roy "the boy" Brindley and.. yea well i can go on.

And yes, i am looking for the hidden camera!

The homedeliver of water and food i looked forward to was not possible as they only drive out my area on wednsdays, bhaaaa, and the water here is not even drinkable! Not even if you cook it can you make coffie one it, yeaa been an intresting weekend for sure and my eating and drinking acts has been... well lets just say that lemons and red wine is not the perfect match.

Lydia has quit her job, she said she was too tired and she also said
- am not as young as i look you know.

ok lol, why she say that? When she looks like she is 100? * shaking my head*

So i had to take Tess out myself when Chantelle cant come, so its been a little painful but hey hoe, am ok. POSITIVE THINKING !

Monday i sat out on my balcony, it was very sunny, and i put my ankle high up and sat there in the sun and i surley must have fall a sleep for a few minutes because not only did i burn my nose, all red, but woke up with a boooom, Tess tried to chase a bird off the balcony with the smoothness of a elephants grace in a china store and hit the table and made my last bottle of water fall down.... and pour out... am not so quick i gave up the rest thinghy and decided to take Tess out. I cant get shoes on the fot but got cast on most of it just a bit in front so i figure it be ok. Yes well this is Malta and Malta dont like me so why i thought that it be ok, i dunno.

I of course steped in glas and cut myself. Had not really expected anything else. Standard.

Also stupid only took one krytch with me out, so when i cut my fot i had to lean extra weird, i mean it looks weird already with out the cut, am not really the most graceful person even without krytches!!! But now i lean so weird that my back is crocked. Ah well... if i dare i go and get masage but i cant even imagine what will happen then. I better stay home and locking the door from now on and ride out this negative variance, it has to stop- right?

I came home and had to try to wash the fot and do damage control so needed some toilettpaper, i already made blood on the floor everywhere. Before the fot injure i thank god bought a whole big packet toilett papers, might seem like over kill, but the toilett papers here are very light, and small so i bought a huge pack of toilett roles, as a matter fact, EXACTLEY 54, and i can herby confirm to the company: VET. FUTURA LineS.p.A Marcianise (caserto)- Italy that it is indeed 54 roles in each packet. FFS ( and yes- of course i mailed them and told them they need to improve their emballage beause its very annoying to chase 54 roles on one fot, and a dog helping out thinking we playing land hockey with 54 pucks! YES- When i took the packet out from the place it broke, just like that and 54, yes FIFTYFOUR roles role out along the corridor in my apprtment, NNH GG WP.

Tess thought it was very funny, just as fun as when i 2 hrs later droped a big box of matches on the floor and they ALL fell out, sorry but i did not count them. Please forgive me!

Tuesday morning it was time for another xray and either still keept in foot jail or get a free card and pass prison. When finally finding the right place to go to, its a HUGE hospital, and am amazed they dont speak better english. For an example the wrote something very difficult to read on my note, but i understand its there i shall go, yaaaa am not totaly stupid.
So... i came to one door that said something similar and also something that looked like the swedish word for "ortoped" and its actuallyt those who fix foots and the like so i go in there. Maybe also shall add that i had sunglases one but i still think coming in on two krytches and a fot in cast should lead them more into that then the glases!

I give the lady my paper and ask if i am in right place. she says- Si si, yes yes eyes. huuu?
no no i said and point on paper. she says again: Si si eyes operation.

FFS, shall i now be wrong treated and come home blind! Not sure how much more i can take. So i say NO NOT EYES. And i show her my krytches and bang one of them against my cast. She seem to weigh the options and say- siiiiiiiii... we do eyes and she point on my sunglasses. Am so used wearing them so i didnt realise i had them on, and i think it was wearing those that confuse her, like i had eye proplem. Sooo i limp on and come to somehting i beliave is main reception. AT least its CROWDED. And people act like its war and the person inside the counter has the only packet of knackebrod left! Seriously.

But am not stupid i learned now, loudest, and with most people around you that can scream on your behaf wins!!! It took me 10 min to get in to the doctor- am sho sho proud!!

OK. so now we sitting there me and the doctor and a nurse, looking at the new xrays, and he flip the pictures in the computer back and forward back and forward so i now have memorised my foot skelett for sure. then he says: what is this? and point on my heel on the screen.

well in all fairness he is the doctor and if he dont know how shall i know???? And the heel has never had a problem!! He look again and then he look at my foot and squeese and look, and he say: well its something there i never seen on a human been before!
What, come again?

But i am calm, ice cold calm, nothing bothers me anymore, i know these maltese people overdoe things all the time so i say, - ok can it kill me?
I mean at this point after all that happen am not so sure am intrested to hear anything unless its danger for my life, then i can listen- breifly.
He says no but its strange you dont know what it is, it looks like metal. WTF?
Again, and i also realised that now, one cant joke with docotors in Malta, they just dont seem to get it, but i said - ohh that one, yea its since i worked as a spy, but i thought we got it all out.

the nurse gets it and starts to giggle. but the doctor is no joker id say. He looks at me and says if i wash my feet before xray. PARDON? ( this is second time a doctor are concerned over my clean or not clean feets!!! Its in the bloggepisode: another day in paradise ) And also am i right or am i right, is an xray not like.... overlooking dirt, even cloths if you got it on???? AND how can i wash something that are inside a cast before they take the cast off- huuu? how ? tell me that!

And no my feet are not dirty!

He says again, he never seen it and ask if its paing me. Its about 1x1 cm, and yea he is right it does look like a round metal chip with nagged edges lol, and i have no clue. Well we give up this and he finaly get back to my ankle and decide to give me a "full walking cast". so they rush me off to the plaster room and so funny, there to do my plaster is a man that i swear, really and honestley swear is a twin to Roy "the boy" Brindley. I met Roy several times and he is a very very nice and funny guy lol, and i will ring him and thank him for doing my cast! Hillarious, it was so weird, but Roy did my foot and am off out, home yea too freedom!

And speaking off freedom, while waiting in line to the plaster room the police comes in with a man in handcuffs, lol yes true. Maybe around 30 and very very holigan ruff kind of guy look, dont i just love these hooligans! They place him on a chair oposite me and he dont speak one word to me but his whole attitude and ignorante smile is like he owns the world lol, love it! He stirs at me for full 10 min, and its not stirring for evil or curiosity, the man is totaly and open flirting with me, geees they dont have bitches in prison anymore?
But i stirr back. And am not sure who won this stirring competition but i really really would like to know why they had him in handcuffs????? Wonder if one can find out? when they call my name to plaster room and Roy Brindly audition the hand cuff man whisper: Ciao Bella and he blinks. LOL funny!

Does this things happen to all of you? Or am i cursed or something?

Or am i in one of those shows, will this end up on TV? ARE there a hidden camera somewhere?

Hep hep

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