Friday, December 16

Has to be Xmas hormone's!

Am going Soft. Waited 2 hrs on Malta Post office today and didn't even grumble to them, i SMILED.
What has the world come to?  And no, it dont end there, - yesterday i wrote a long due sweet apology letter to someone i was rude to 3 months ago at a club (lol) and most likely will not even met again .... WAZ UP!!!!????

Xmas hormone's, bloody hate them.

Anyway, Mum dearest, your xmas packet is on the way, and as usual its home made. Since i was little thats the case, dont really like to buy but rather make personal gifts... believe me it really been some weird stuff over the years, when i was 6 i managed to pack a little frog and give my mum, the frog had a red ribbon around it and i was ever so proud, mum wasn't too happy and when i was 12 and scared my mum and dad will die as they where smokers i made a book about smoking kills you, very creative! However there been endless of home made butter knifes, weird scarves, socks, pictures, and more random stuff that ofc everyone have to have on for all winter lol.

BUT....this year am on the right side the creative mind, i made a year calendar to hang on the wall, big one (she is old, need big text, she is also very funny so if she read this she laugh, not that she can speak English more then telling my dog to pls sit, but anyway) i made the calendar with 3 different pictures each month, and i taken all the pictures myself from when she was here visiting me in August,  she will love it. Additionally i also 'made' (and it IS still considered made by me,  if you are the one ordering it , right? ) well... with great help, am no geeky whiz nerd, but thankfully i know several good ones, a 15 min video of Malta and the places we visit and many of the pictures we took, and some text and cool house music ( she will perhaps not like that music so much),  my sis will play it for her on Xmas when they chilling infront of the fire place drinking some muled wine. It be great, am sure! Positive thinking helps. For some. 

I love family life and i do miss them but it be ok, we have a deal, regardless what happen on Xmas they cant call me, cos then i break down and get sad imaging them all there all cuddled up inside with lots of candles and snowy and stormy outside. Anyway, thats how i see it in my head, and we all know my head and reality is not always correct. In fact, its pretty messed up :)

Found this picture on Facebook today.. hillarious lol! And with that i wish you happy weekend and safe journey to all those travelling home for Xmas to loved ones.

anna panna...

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