Thursday, December 1

1000 Italians = value?

Oh my... Portomaso Casino is once again invaded by the flathandbags ppl ... .. loud, and good smelling,  espresso sipping ITALIANS!!

And this time.. 1000 of them. We like. A lot.

Its Betpro that has a campaign, 100k Euro guranteed freeroll and i said all along i wont play it, didnt bother to involve myself in the qualifing satellites and far from that it was invitational only, but in last minute i was handed over a ticket so i told myself, lets rumble!

Said and done, i lasted 2 levels lol.
Holding KQ on a KQ5 flop i though i was good... ending with K high flush i also though i was good but nope... river gave fi a Ace hig flush holding A9 so hey hoe - player out!

No big deal, moved on to cashtables and it was pure madness from start to finish :) gooood madness!

Well done Portomaso for pulling of this big event, respect.

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