Monday, December 5

Red brothel/porno bedroom or poker?

So people, where you want me to start?
With my new red brothel porno looking bedroom that make me sleep like a QUEEN ( yea all your psycho hobby therapists out there go into the tank now with you) or this weekend’s madness cashgame with 1000 of the cute ones here to entertain me.

Well, am sure the red brothel porno bedroom can wait so let’s start with the important things.

Played this massive Betpro 100 000 guaranteed freeroll and that was fun, for about 1 hr. Then it was not fun. Snip snap - over and out. Enough of that, it was a freeroll. Whining is for sore losers : ) poker is and always should be fun, and it was a very good PR event! Was hoping for more ‘short skirts dressed girls’ but if the boys don’t complain who am i to complain ?

So as I only really play cashgame when the Italians are here, I decided that be on the agenda for the weekend. And to sum it up easy and smooth it goes like this,  Aces, kings and queens cracked trillions of times times, won huge pot’s with 72 , 64, 63 ect yea, poker is sooooo easy.Not. Lot of chit chat, good times, shouting and screaming (really think it’s the espresso that makes them all wind up) and as we all know, English is not the Italians strong side, a lot of hand gestures and drinks later, I figure it’s time to go home, kind of missed both my cozy dog and my red brothel bedroom.

Never get tired of this clip.. brighten's my day ALWAYS : )

Woke up Saturday mid day with a crucifying headache, so FFS Portomaso,  stop giving me the bad vodka. I want the good stuff, from second shelf; give the other vodka to those who don’t tip : ) .. ..and then we went on repeat for 2 days. You can start reading from the sum up again.  Only difference is I changed the vodka to Malibu pineapple, yea healthier choice I know, scary, going downhill from here id say! But I got tricked into it by a real cute smiling young lad so who am I to say no? And wuupti…. The younger generation knows how to do it…. NO headache!!

Monday and, yea it’s a bit dull, always feel sad and gloomy when all the Italian's going home.
Malta is a bit better with them here. Fact.
Come back – soon!

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