Monday, December 12

I want to be a cuddly Labrador

It’s always puzzled me how we humans handle our days going through so many stages of emotions, hopefully most of them good emotions, but sadly for many people not.  It puzzles me that we spend so much energy on things that clearly can’t be resolved, fixed or altered that very day anyway.

And yes, I say we, because I do this as well – of course.
Why cant we be a bit more like .. dogs?

  • Food yeaaay!
  • Ohh someone is coming Weeee!
  • Going out, now, yea? Weee!
  • OMG a cat!!! 
  • Water, lets swim! ohhhh MUMMY its.. MUUD!!! yeay!
  • Car, car CAR!! -yes lets go for a drive!
  • Shadow on the wall… it MOVES god dammed it moves!
  • Flush , pls flush the toilet, now now.. I see the water spin!!!!

We all should live a bit more in the present, dogs really got the hang of that! Everything happening is like THE most funniest thing ever. Amazing.

So many things can’t be changed it’s there because we are different, have been raised with different values, different experiences in life, different sizes of backpacks to carry around, each and everyone meaning different things and being differently heavy for us. Either one accepts that and enjoys each other’s company or one simply has to cut some ppl out and move on. What many people seem to forget is that, what’s right for one is not necessarily right for another. I forget this too. Ah well… I rarely do anything right when it comes to myself so for sure no one would ever follow my way so I don’t have to worry about that.

I really really done some bad decisions in life *shaking my head* but one can’t let that stop you from making new decisions, meeting new people, trusting new people and even loving new people. Its not easy but a life without interacting with others is not really a life, even though I am indeed talking to my dog. 

Dear god, in next life, can I please be a loved fat, cuddly Labrador in a family that let me sleep in bed and allows me to share their take away food. I be good and happy and I will not eat too many shoes. I even will let the kids dress me up now and then if needed. Great. Thanks.

Today… go out there and tell someone that you like them, for whatever small reason it might be - do it! Everyone needs to hear it and feel appreciated. 

I don’t like everyone :) FAR from lol, some might even say am quite picky, but hey am always ready to give a second chance. If you feel you deserve one, let me know!

PS... Karma is some scary shit eh?

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