Thursday, December 15

Bruises, smashed thooth and Italian poker fishes! Life is good!

Its Thursday ... and am starting to recover from a heavy Monday night party.
We got all these public holidays in Malta where one are bound to go crazy and as we had one Tuesday, well who am I to stop old traditions like that.
Recover is a BIG word this time. I still got a swollen knee, a blue hip, some concrete peeling in my face and a very blue check… and yea sorry almost forgot, also lost a bit of a tooth. When THE woman goes down she goes down not with style but hard. Another time I had a terrible bad bruise of a flat hand on my as. Yes you read right. And it was sadly not even connected with any hanky panky, it was just.. a slap in a bar that really really hurted, trust me the guy doing it wont do that again : ).

So this is better, I can sit in front of my computer and heel : ) .. and I been doing just that.  

I picked up some little online grinding again at an Italian site, playing in an Italian software and it’s to say the least funny! Taking some time to get a hang of all the Italian names on buttons and surely there been some clicks that should been raises and vice versa lol but hey hoe in the total grand scheme of things, its okay. 

Xmas, this terrible overrated holiday where I will do my utmost best to eat pizza, drink beers, bake happy cookies filled with funny mushrooms and NOT play carols on TV and visit places where its decorated with RED, after all RED is a ManUrinated color and never gone well with my blue blood. 

Xmas also means all the office leaving to go back to mamas and papas in DK so it will be a bit lonely but I have to make do with whats left : ) mooaaaaaaaa!

tjing tjing

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