Tuesday, December 4

lol one packet- winner? Me!


Long time since again. Sorry for that but the work and travelling takes a bit the energy out of one- but now am back in it!

If I am to give you some poker updates it actually gone well, not in winning money but improving my game and realising one or two things. My mentor say am the most stubborn person he ever met and , well he is spot on right, but thank GOD HE is the most stubborn person I met and very honest as straight forward to me so all good and once again- getting a mentor to help is the best you can do- but it need to be someone you click with- someone you can discuss widely with and exchange thoughts and adjust to what suits your game. I learned a lot, but of course still do mistakes, many of them, annoying and stupid ones.

And by the way- I still hate the STT variance- its an sick, insane, filthy, horrible sun of a bitc** and i hope it get **** and die.

Been giving the famous Sunday million a try two times lately and first time it was 2700 runners ( it was the bigger buy in) and I ended as 150 ish, well, I played well but maybe a bit to aggressive in the end defending my positions and blinds and it killed me. Second time it was 7700 runners (smaller buy in) and I ended around 500 ish, and really never was in the game, horrible card average and only pots I could take down was the ones I stole and pushed so amazing I lasted that long – fair enough. Good practise. ITS all about practis, cant say theat enough, getting clearer and clearer to me

My mentor buzzed me 10 days ago saying, wake up- get in! Let’s play a stupid 10 $ rebuy sat and just go crazy becaseu am tilting. We do that sometimes to cure some tilting :-) Anyway, after rebuy ended and I done an add on I invested 40 $ and had like 10 smallest stack loool, my mentor kind of invested about 300 $ but that’s another story, it helps him from tilt somewhere else far far bigger so fair enough- we all do what we can to master THE game.

Ok, so there I am very small in stack and I ask my mentor: -hey what are we really playing for here? He says- one packet to go to Sydney.
OMG OMG OMFG ....ONE packet!! We are around 370 people and am smallest in stack almost. Jesus what a big mountain to climb, but i do what i do Quite good :-) i "toss em in and hope for the best" and shame shame on those who give up and I actually ended up winning it!

Yepp you read right I did win and are therefore very soon visiting the land down under. Cheers mate!

It’s a far way to go for some poker but am going to see it more as holiday trip as well and only play the main event not any cash game or side events, only focus on that one and if it don’t go well and I dont advance to day two I am heading for the beach and some hunkey tonkey suntanned surfers to lay my eyes on mooooooaaaaa!

Well it’s quite massive buy in for someone as me and the proos can surely walk right over me but not without getting at least a try to fight back, after all it’s just a game, two cards and 5 to go.

HEP HEP And in worst case I get some nice days off, some beers and suntanned boooops and hopefully I also can annoy someone with my never ending talking around the tables and ship one or two on their bikes, I sure as hell am going to try, in the home land of The Master TonyG.

To be continued……


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