Saturday, November 17

Waterford Winter Festival day 2


160 brave tired and pale humans started play 14:00 here. I slept 3 hrs but felt ok, coffie does the trick. In early stages i got involved in this hand:

quoute blonde: ""Anna Colley, who was the chip leader in the early stages yesterday has had her stack decimated at the start here. Brendan Hartnet (blonde's own Ericstoner) was also involved in the pot...

Holding 88 on a 672 flop, her chips flew in after an allin bet from Paul Fitzpatrick. Brendan, acting behind, thought long and hard before folding his 8-5. As Paul was allin, the cards were turned over and he was holding K9 for a flush draw and 2 overs.

The turn was blanc but the river completed Paul's flush, doubling him up and reducing Anna to a mere handful of chips.""

So back to grinding,, and done so well... up to 50 K just to see my JJ being killed by AK. And after a few more hands i lsot i see myself down to 15K. Well doubble or leave so i turned my table in to an all in table and stick it in every other hand and tokk it up to 30 k without seeing a flop. won a few and back to 45k. Then again... lost QQ against AK and are down to 28K. Average are 45 i think and we are 100 left. But not givcing up :-) just need a doubble....

Cheers for now!

19:45 dinner break.

Never experienced this kind of poker before- honestley. Really a rollercoster, sick. Up to 70, down to 40, up to 80 and down to 20 and on and on, drains my energy for sure! Am on 30K now and thats not good at all, antes is 150 after break and blinds 1000/2000, we are down to 70 players. Moved to new table and it was god it took me up to 80 k, then i raised an AK soooted and one goes all in, cos tme 17k more to call so need to do so, he got 88 and they hold up. Then i got KK cracked by 66 and got a couple< of decent AK, AQ 1010, JJ but no play. Ahh.. well. AM still in and now its all in all in to collect antes and blinds, gamble and hope for the best!


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