Tuesday, December 11

Sydney APPT Grand Final Day 1A


Well no problem changing day as they are overbooked on friday so am playing today, in fact in 45 min :-) and isnt it just a shame that Jokerstars cloths didnt fit me ;-) thank good i brought a Mermaid top, what would one do without good old Mermaid!

And its raining outside so that grand, then beach on friday instead. Perfect.

Woke up relaxed and very rested and went down to breakfast, and what a breakfast, i seen many hotel latley but this breakfast was super, all the fresh fruits sliced and ready to eat, absoutley super grand.

I once for a long time ago read an artickle about a very skilled and rich buisness man in sweden, he said: you liked your rooms cleaning? You liked your conciergies taxi handling?
well.. do you know their names?

So i can inform you my cleaning girls name is Sabrina and my "taxi holding up the door and smile boy" ´s name is Tony, i say hi Tony he say Hi Hanna lol.

And i solved the mystery with that perfume in the bathroom, ahh well i ddint tell you but there was a perfume in there bothering me, well not bothering but puzzles me since its not mine.

And i was also puzzled why the bathroom got 2 toiletpappers holders on the wall, just underneath eachother, very stupid i thought but i FIGURED it out!! Japp i did!

The top one got PARFUMED paper and the buttom one dont. JESUS!!
And they look angrily at me for not wanting rechargable batteris- GET IN!

And by the way the manger in the casino, his name is Greg and he is like hmmm a biy sweet :-) he said the weiw on floor 17 is amazing and has to be seen, so i said ok, when? And smiled.... he said.... i let you know. loool. men men men...so easy.

The girl sorting out my lifetime membership at the casino was very sweet she said: hmm you smell nice, what perfume is that? (lol does this odd things happen to all you others?) i said: its the red one of Donna Karen, the green is better but i figure i go hot and red today :-) She laughed. Greg laughed too ;-)

ok now am off to play some POKHEEEEEEEEEERRRR.. *smile*
Keep a thumb for me.


ps am always give some to charity before playing and havent really found anything here, need to find it, cant play else, its in my head!

Am odd, yes, and wacko, yes, but am me, and there is just one of me, most would say thnka god for that :-), so? lol. Zero interest!

Hep hep..

Time to "toss em in and hope for the best"

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