Thursday, December 13

IMAX- a great experience!!!

Oi Oi live from Sydney!

Well now it gone a few days and i figure i give you an update.

The play i did in the tourney was not my best first hour, i played really donkey there but at same time it helped me because it made me get maximum payout later on as they all though i was a donk :-)

Overall i am happy with my play, on level 4 th i was close to chipleader, but i run into quads against better quads and nothing i could do, then i lost with AA against JJ where he got a flush and third hand i got JJ and cant double so boom. I needed a few days in the bar :)

I went straight to hotell, gutted and tired, i really think i played the hands i got as i should and i been over them again and again to see if i could done different but poker is like that, sometimes it doesent matter, you bound to lose anyway.

So for breakfast on Wednesday i bump into some Danes here in the hotel, and they where playing that day and Lilja, on of the guys girlfriend and i decided to skip casino world and go to a market a bit a way. It was a nice day in female company, not really used to that on this trips so it was a nice change. Lilja is a great girl and beautiful pregnant 5 months gone, we run up and donw this market, trying funny hats, wigs, cloths, tasting all sort of differnt things and laughing, alot, talking alot and had a great day. The fruit and vegetables section in this market wanted me to shop loads and go home cooking!!

And all the colors, not easy to give back on photos but i try. And man... i tell you am stubborn and if she 5 months pregnant can keep that tempo AM NOT backing! lol. We (read Lilja, i happily pay taxi but noooooooo, this is a walking chick ) decided to walk back to the hotel from this market and we passed trough what must be Sydneys chinatown, and isnt that funny that all towns got their own Chinatown?

We kept on walking and passed trough a park where they had an exhibition with big photos taken on the world from the above, also an absolutley amazing beautiful sight. What a fantastic world we live in after all.

Then after that we bough yet some more baby cloths, trust me that unborn baby got more cloths then any alive baby in this world :-) but its so sweet this little tiny outfits so who can resist.

We decided to take a little rest back at hotel and met up for dinner later, boys hopefully still in the game, so we did, dinner was great and the Shiraz even better!

After dinner we had reserved seats to something i never heard of, and never would if it wasent for Lilja who are an totaly unbeatale numbero ono Queen in reading tourist broschyrs!! Good there are people who can be bothred and not just do like me, toss me in and hope for the best!

IMAX: worlds greatest biggest 3D cinema.
And this was awsome, and a super nice experience, i mean the movie (Bewolf)it selfs could been better but that didint really matter and after all we saw Angelina Jolie Naked in 3 D Hep hep-Get in boys! And we all look like geeks in the glases :-)

The 3D effect was absolutley the coolest thing ever, forgett those tiny effect when 3D was so popoular this was HUGE and REAL and so so CLOSE.. amazing shit, and one could get addicted easily. I want more!

Back in the hotel we meet the danes...playing poker in the lobby on their laps, sight for soure eyes, lol. Well i left em there and went up, i crashed, tired. And hope friday comes with sunshine and beach weather so the boops can get a least a little brownie!

take care and all the best!
C4Q without Tee Tee :-(

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