Tuesday, December 11

Road trip and zebra crozzing in Sydney

Oi Oi Mate!

So the journey has began. All went ok i mean i never in my life qued this much, jesus at frankfurt it was amazing!!! And enourmously strickt security.
Seated in my spot where am going to be the nearest 22 hrs or so i was lucky to have a nice girl next beside, and we could have an empty seat between us witch is gold travelling this far.
She was goig to Australia to see her wife that was working there :-) yepp, wife.

They fed us and we slept, or tried anyway.
We did a tecknical landing in singapore to refuel and we got an houer on the airport, hmm well ok now i been in in Singapore :-) didnt do much for me.

It was raining.

Back on my seat and a new member of our 3 seats joined, hmmm well ok then. His name was Martin and he was going to Australia to feel the freedom, huh?
They asked what i was going to do there and i concidered for a while to make up a story of visiting a friend that was going to get married or so since noone really gets that thing called poker anyway, but naaaa i said: playing poker. they said: ehhh you mean like they do on TV. (lool) and the rest of the conversation i think you can imagin yourselfs, they where chocked to know i played for real money online. (lol, well so am i some days so fair enugh)

The flight was actually ok even though beeing so long and big selection of movies to coose between so all good. Food crap but the Shiraz nice :-)

Okedoki, the hotel is classy and nice, and am not sure if they know something i dont because they gave me a huge bed, and we talking huge.

Whos going to sleep here?
The litle teddy bear i bought in frankfurt (only found one so far :-(( ) looked very lonley sitting there among all those 38 huge pillows. But yea good to be prepered and as usual the boys sneaked a bunch of mermaid condoms into my bag. Hey guys, what you really think i do on my trips ?? I work and play poker, no time for honekey tonkey stuff.

The weather in sydney are - horrible. Just my luck eh.
Raining and am freezing. But when sun gets out one can feel it heat like sugar to the coffie and i hope it changes. Actually i check the forecast and it will be better thursday friday so i am trying to reschedule my first day of playing to tomorrow when it will rain anyway. I hope i can do so, i mean i have to come home with some brownie boops right ? And i promised Dave to go to Boundi Beach and do the arm trick ;-), i tell you what THAT is after i done it,

Anyway i was in hotel around 08 and got my room shortley after witch was nice, i checked some mails and unpacked and decided to take a stroll in the city. Woow, this is a big town i say. I lurk around looking for some small things i needed, like batterys. Find a computer shop and get in and ask. He only have rechargable ones and when i say naeee cant be bothred he looked at me as it is my fault his kids are going to grow up in a destroid world. jah jah jah. I will shape up with that recycling shit i promise. But not today.

So i get me a nice big steaming hot caffe latte (its frezzing outside) and keep on my walk. As you know they drive funnie her too, as in Ireland, how come i seem to travel only to the few only countries left that are driving on the wrong side?

ohh hang on- roomservice!! Love hotel!

ok so i walk there with my caffe latte and its around 10, people are in a hurry everywhere and its quite nice to just dont have a time to bother about. I stop by a crossing, and i didnt bother to press the "i want to walk button" since i dont care, i stand there drinking my latte, lol, ok this is getting funny so hang on.....

A man in suit and tie and shiny shoes come and press it and says:
-one HAVE to press.
I say : OK.
WE wait.
It gets green and all including the man walks, i dont, i stand there drinking my coffie, i mean am not even sure am going that direction am i?

The man stops halfway, gets back to me (wtf?) and says: one are supposed to walk now.
I smile and say: ok.
(and i know that within 10 min are going to drive this man insane :-) )
He keep on walking. I dont.
He turn around, hits his arms along his side and get back to me:
- hey mate, why you aint walking?

And now its not green anymore so he has to wait to next green. He is very stressed now. So i figure i need to say something so i turn to him, fire of a huge smile and say: well, am having my coffie.
Now he is starting to get frustrated and surly must think am either retarded or very interesting, i do smile so am not rude and my cloths are not dirty or trashed :-) and i dont talk to my self- yet.

Ok so we stand there, waiting for next green. And he says:
-hey listen, i fuck*** AINT walking unless you do.
I say: well why didint you tell me that.
He looks at me like am from mars.
It gets green, and i say: ok mate lets do this.
He says: thank you god! Thank you!

WE walk, and after crossing he says: wasent that bad was it?
I say: naeee it was ok, was it ok for you?
He laughs and gives me his hand: am John, how ur doing?

I think this was little funny. I got his number, he didnt get mine, he wasent that interesting :-), so if am really bored i phone him and ask for a coffie walk. I turned back and walked over again, i thought he didnt saw but when i looked around he was stirring at me like i was mental nut case lol.

Such a nice shopping center.

I do some erronds, find a place to have lunch called: The Grinders cafe, lol. had to stop there. But they must missed something becasue no even one grinder where there :-(
And manage to find my way back to hotell all by myself. Decided to rest a bit after all its been a long flight and time difference are making it tricky to know if its day or night, not that it matter to me. Its a welcome party at the casino tonight and a book release of some famous poker player i never heard of, standard. So the plan is to go there and mingle and drink drinks, am very good at that.

Laters mate.


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Anonymous said...

Jag har just hittat den här sidan och jag skrattade åt den stackars förvirrade mannen. Det är så typiskt du att göra en sådan grej och dessutom kanske hitta den enda mannen i hela landet som antagligen störde sig på det! Nu ska jag fortsätta läsa. Det här var kul./cat