Thursday, December 6

Tricks to look pretty?

There are tricks to look pretty, yes.
I didn’t think this I mean how much can one really change things?

Ok,, a bit odd issue for coming from me since you all know I don’t bother that much really, one are as one are and if that don’t suit people well….**** them.

Ok, today I was at big spa and recreation centre here I town and had some massage, been having pain in my shoulders so figure I do something about it. The girl I know well, I go there from time to time. She really is very funny… last time she asked me if I ever use lipstick, I said noooooooooo, can’t be bothered and it makes me feel cheap. She said: u should, you got lovely kissing lips. And am sure she isn’t gay :-) she is married with 2 kids.

Hmm so today when I came there and we where done with the massage she asked if I had 15 minutes to spare? Sure I said. I didn’t ask for what, felt like pointless since I would find out in about 30 sec or so anyway. Ok she said, and led me into another room and asked me to sit down in front of a mirror. Obviously she is a make up artist as well so now the fun began.

She did half my face with proper make up that really don’t look like make up but just natural. And other half as I had it. Wooooow…that’s sick. What a huge huge difference, I mean even a man would be able to see it, because we all know they don’t see much anyway.

So she did the other half and hep hep I look awesome, didn’t even know I could look like that.
So of course I had to buy all the things she used because I mean how difficult can it be ??? loool, am sooooo crap!

So anyway, you who play online poker with me tonight, know one thing, it’s an awesome pretty chick for once, sitting here tossing her chips in.

Hep hep

Anna panna banana


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John Sprut said...

I am so happy you took the time to make incredible Anna Panna & Tess Goes Live blog here. See you around