Monday, July 2

Grrr....weak play never rewarding!

Its 06.00 here witch means I can go and have breakfast at bakery around the corner so am going to take TT with me and do so. Was quite a poker night and one can in all fairness say am hugely disappointed but one have to take it as an experience all right.

Played a 80 K Guarantee and we where around 400 to start. I did well all the way and when 13 left I was nr 3 in chips very close to first and second so wasn’t very worried. Then the problem started… I got involved in a hand I didn’t have to get involve in but I felt I been letting people boss me around on my blinds too long so I defended and semi hit and well… ghaaaa, you all know how it is. There I lost 35%of my stack. Hand after I chose to take a coin flip against a small stack with my pocket QQ and his A9 of course held up, Ace on turn. Standard. Well after that I was very crippled and pick up 1010 and with only 15 BB left I push, I don’t regret it, I do it any day of the week again and again, and was called by a small stacked with QJ and hit his J on river. Standard.

Anyway end of that. Just hoped to make it really high up, good money and be able to stretch my back and say I can do this, am good enough. But back on the horse, I gone over my HH and I think I played two hands really really bad that cost me a lot, and one of them I played bad because I not played it, lol, getting all weak and scary for the big boys when closing in on FT. Bad bad.. but I be back, trust me. I can hold my own; this was my 7 th FT this week, not freaking Sunday million but good enough and darn good practise.

Else a funny night with friends over MSN cheering for each other, Sundays are like that, tournament day of the week.

Todays Tick: my play down to 20 people, so great I almost pee my pants!! My mentor would be proud.

Todays Tock: my play from 15 down to 10. Played like a cissy!! My mentor would be ashamed.



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