Monday, July 9

Festival in town a battle With Mr Pizza!

Yepp, time for the annual festival in this town and it for sure has its sweet moments. Like today for an example,. I could eat fried bananas and ice-cream to breakfast 16.00 a clock that not very day! And I can go out 03.00 and buy thai /wook/langos or what ever, that’s not standard in this town.

Nothing really new under the sun, my MTT`s glory with 7 Final tables last week seems to be gone, but giving up isn’t really my thing even though my shark scope on STT tell me I hade 8 massive heart attacks and finally now are not only dead but stone cold berried. LOL.

Challenge to turn it around. I will. Or start all over when am better with a nick you all can follow. And then I play you all one by one and smatter you!
It’s good to have a reasonable goal right?

Leaving it for a while though until my mentor gets back from the sin city. Got a shiploads of hands for him to work him self trough LOL, he will be very happy, NOT. Who cares.

TT is very annoying right now, she is in her fase of “female dog want male dog come and bang me” and it’s no JOKE folks!! But she is controlling that specific part very well she is not humping people or so but thing is she collect things and treat them as her puppies and god forbid if I want any of it such as my shoes! Geee she looks at me like am a baby murder and minute am done with my shoe’s she fetches them right back and cuddle up with them in her place. Wacko dog. Ah well it will pass in a week or two so no harm just fecking annoying.

The other evening I was playing a tourney and we all know how hungry one gets of hard solid body work keeping your AA holding up against 92 off and such so I pick up the phone wanting to order pizza, from a place where I know they deliver them home.
Ok so I ring the number and want to make my order, the man says: you need buy two pizzas we don’t deliver else. Ok cants see a problem here so I say- hang on I ask TT what she wants. And here is where it all get weird, the man ask me who is TT? And am not sure that’s really any of his business, what you all think? Why he needs to know who TT is?
But am a very polite girl so I say: it’s my dog.
The man says- my pizza is for no dog!
And then he HANGS up the phone!! WTF

Am stunned to silence, stirs at the phone and say to TT. -This man is a freaking mental case we shall have our pizzas if I so have to bomb threat him, TT agree. Not always standard but she is also hungry. So I phone again (thing is this is the only place that do home deliver of pizzas in this town, else I would of course phone someone else)

The man answers. And I say -hi it’s me again you just hang up on me. He says:- yes my pizzas not for dogs, swedish people very crazy. WTF? Who is this little man? Ok I say: listen here now MR capricosa man, I want to order two pizzas, and I force my self, very very hard, to say pleeeeeease because I really really want this pizzas, or one, the other one it for TT. The man is silent for awhile and says: -you promise no dog eat? WTF??? Is this man for real?

Here am split, I don’t really like lying to people but I really really need these pizzas. So I say-what you say can we do a compromise? The man say- like what you meaning? (and yes he talks this funnie its not my English) I say: can you agree I give her the sides and not the juicy parts? And I cant believe am standing here 2007 negotiating with a pizza man about what to feed my dog but I stopped being surprised anymore of weird things in my life.
He says- wait. And he turns to someone else in there and talks a language I definitely don’t understand. He comes back and says- ok. Pizzas for no dog, you make promise.
And I of course make this solid promise and am still very very keen to know if he was making fun with me or as I would like to think me making fun of him, I want to believe it was me but I am honestly not sure. Compromises FTW!

Of course TT hade more then the sides. Moooaaaaaaaa:
WE WON the pizza war!

Witch makes me a bit bad cheating on our promise to the man and that makes me think of a Ytube clip someone posted on poker net.. Am baaad, Am baaaaad.. Hilarious!
And they say the only one this man beat on the ship was Zupp! I think Zupp should let his Frida play him, instant cash out then I think.
I dunno why i cant make the link work inside the text so i put on the left meny, called Am BAD. Enjoy.

Todays Tick: Fried bananas for breakfast, one gotta love that!

Todays Tock: TT´s suddenly erg to treat everything smaller then a sofa as her dog puppies!

C4Q & TT and a lot of babies

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