Thursday, July 5

TT the Hero Girl & Vegas 2008 (Dohhh)

Ah well… right now am so annoyed at my self for not bothering to play satellites going to Vegas. It really is the place to be this time of year of being poker interested. Got so many m8`s there right now and you can really find tournaments in all different price ranges so even me would be able to play great organised live poker every day. I didn’t bothered either with rake race or satellites, its been a hard winter/spring in many ways, divorcing and all that shit that no one plan but just suddenly are a reality so I haven’t really had the energy for anything until lately, now am ok again, or will be, in time.

The tricky part by being here and m8´s being in Vegas is the time different because my phone is beeping constantly and I LOVE it, love to hear about there hands and beats and how they are progressing, just love it and am also good in cheering and supporting, am the BEST lucky charm anyone can have lol. I hope.

TT is just the best, walking her this morning I pass trough town and I then put leash on her, otherwise she run lose all the time. She stops and sit down, ok what now? Refuses, totally refuses to go anywhere and instead she insists by going back, eh!!! WTF!?

But I know my TT very well so I know there is something bugging her so I let her have her way and we turn back and after maybe 10 meters she stops marketing a spot in the grass, I look and what did I find,.. My keys! I haven’t even noticed lol they fall out my pocket. Standard.

So today TT is the hero!
I say to her: good girl, when we get back home you deserve… MUD FOOTIE!! And she was very happy with that so once again we got all muddy and dirty and totally soaking wet since the rain was pouring like crazy-love it! So now am sitting here after a warm shower and having a cup of hot chocolate besides me, it feels more like October then July. TT is cuddled up in a blanket, she is the most cold dog I ever had and after her shower she was trembling, what a chicken!

TT is the best. Early this morning when my phone where beeping regularly since my mentor where doing well in the CEO tour at Venetian and TT was very interesting to help out with the texting putting her nose there but I told her to bug of and she got to sleep. Well.. lol.. she was lying with all her 4 feet straight up in the air and every time my phone beeps she wave her tail and stop when I take the phone, and then when it beeps again she start her tail again and this goes on for like 2 hrs, still with her feet up in the air, VERY wacko.

How come she turned into a wacko dog? Can anyone explain that, I simply don’t understand?

Well I just decided that next year I will be in Vegas 100%. The main event am not that interested in actually, it’s just a silly dream and the odds of doing well of 10 000 people are too small for my brain but the side events and smaller tourneys, all this tourneys everywhere or STT maaaan could kill for being there right now. Next year I will set up a team with my mentor, we go there and crush those tournaments, lol, well no point being humble is it, and we are the best. Standard.

Today I also heard from an Irish m8 over there, he came in top 20 in the PLO championship and I missed that, am not that much into Omaha so that’s why, but big big congratulations, he is a very skilled player so am not surprised at all, and his name will surely be seen more places around. Look forward to see you in Ireland to the autumn! Drinks on – you, always lol.

ok am off to the swimming house in a bit, taking that up again. Ah well, lets see, normaly i get bored after a day or two and quit but i try ok?

Today’s Tick: TT-The key finder! And of course also Mr Mentor that let me have a part of Vegas here in my world, regularly entertaining me with text messages for 4 days now containing all sorts of things from Muppet play to celebrity spotting and lap dance reports. Standard. The man really likes his lap dances!

Today’s Took:
My self. Am very lazy. Why did I not even try to get a trip to Vegas?

anna panna banana & Hero TT


Asger Dokkedal said...

Haha god historie den med halen, glæder mig til at høre mere.

Dokke fra Vegas.

Gambler_dk said...

Bedste start på en pokerblog, jeg endnu har set. Bliver konstant imponeret over dine små observationer.

Satser selv på at komme til Vegas næste år, så måske vi ses. Det håber jeg, vi gør, for det betyder, at vi begge nåede målsætningerne. :-)

C4Queen & TT said...

Thanks dear!

Yea see you there, stay out of my tables though! ;-)

Anna & TT