Thursday, July 12

Swedish Köttbullar and Sex Addiction!

I have simply not even had my TV on for 3 weeks.
Since premier league is over for the season it’s not much interesting to watch.
But yesterday I took an early night cuddle up in bed with a cup of tea and TT on my right side and turned on the TV, and it took me about 5 minutes to remember why it’s been off for 3 weeks.

OMFG, Jesus Christ!

I mean I can understand people want to do different programs right, but HOW in this world do they find people to be in them??? For an example there was this documentary about being sex addicted. Well….what can I say? The programme followed a man and his wife where the man had this problem. And it was a bit odd because I came into the programme like in middle so I hade to watch quite a while before I manage to figure out WHAT he was addicted to and that kind of kept me watching. So…this man obviously cheated a bit now and then but that was really not the biggest problem, apparently! The biggest problem was that he “even on their honeymoon masturbated”. Hmmm well…am not going to get to deep into this because to me well… anyway! Lets move on.

So obviously he masturbated rather then having sex with the wife but she said she could only allowed, (WTF allowed???)him to have sex with her maximum of 2 times a week so what is the poor bugger going to do? It was really amuzing how this clinic they where at for a 3 days treatment look at this problem, First of all masturbation was totally out of the question they compeered it with alcoholism. And they had to do a lot of deeeeeeeeeeep looking into my eyes and say “I will never touch my penis again” WTF? The doctor said: the penis belongs to God and your wife and occasionally you can borrow it to pee with!
Woow thanks sir!

Well…am more stunned over the fact they find people who are willing to hang them self out in this programmes then the fact that there actually are “doctors” that say these things. And the solution to this mans problem was a rubber band around his wrist and every time he felt like masturbating he was going to pull it 10 centimetres out from his wrist and snap it back. Standard or?

And of course he had this problem because his mother didn’t love him enough and never hug and kiss him as a child. Really, am so tired of hearing that as an excuse to being a rapist or a mass murder or in this case a sex addict. Get a grip will ya? And yea.. when the now indeed very happy couple left the clinic they said: we could never sort this without XXXXX. And in all American style they raise their arms in the air holding hands, like a boxer celebrating! OMG OMG OMG

TT is the funniest dog ever I think. Today I was in the kitchen doing “köttbullar” you know famous Swedish köttbullar and trust me I do really good ones. But I had the fan and loud music on so I didn’t hear my phone beeping for an incoming SMS. But TT runs of into my bedroom and normally she never leaves the kitchen if there are cooking going on- trust me she don’t. She came back with the phone, she carried very gentle it in the leather stripe I have on it so it was like hanging out from her mouth, she came into the kitchen and sat down beside me waving her tail! would love to think she did it becasue she knows i get happy receving those messages but i acually think she did it more to earn another köttbulle then to really help me out, she is very clever this little brat!

Anyway it was from Vegas, as always these days, and I just love it, get hand rapports and funny incidents and +- reports, love love love love it! The message said: Not doing too good, put on more lucky bin bins! So I did, of course, even though I already had 8 on. So after a while I text back asking: better now? And got back: yes but keep them on! I like this kind of communication. lol I really do! We both know that bin bins don’t really help but it for sure is fun!

Today I was to the swimming house, will try to that a bit regular now, needing better stamina and shaping up a bit, sitting too much in front of computer last year! I used to swim a lot and I used to be quite trained but I know it’s going to be hard work to get back to it but one has to start somewhere. When I use to train regularly it was no problem for me to swim intense for more then an hour, now I can do 25 minutes and that’s it, lol, so hell yea, loooong way back! And yes before anyone ask, i didn’t go to the swimming house until my friend left the poker tables in Vegas to go to bed, because bin bins has to come off in the swimming house! When I take shower I always text saying no big pots nearest 5 minutes!! And always get back: ok hear you!

Its funny, I mean sitting hours and hours around a table can get to you really and if I can make it a bit brighter sending wacko text telling about my day and TT`s silly things she does all the time I happy do so. Am a good cheerleader!

Now am off for a long walk with TT and when getting back am going to watch an episode of last season of 24 and also bike my indoor bike along to it, very very boring but not often I feel up for it so better work when the iron I hot. Today is one of those rare days! Very rare. Standard.

Todays Tick: My köttbullar, they are awesome! Drop by and eat, I always cook too much.

Todays Tock: snapping rubber band around your wrist to stop a man from masturbating WTF!

And if you got this far I think you should leave a comment, I love to have them.

C4Q & TT


Asger Dokkedal said...

Binbins FTW!

Anonymous said...

Godt at høre at du elsker boller - af den ene eller anden art ;)