Tuesday, July 3

He must have a very boring wife!

My neighbour rang my door about 05. Why?

Well I didn’t have a party or play loud music or for that matter having crazy sex on the kitchen table. I kind of wish all of it but nope! - I laughed. Just simply laughed! WTF?

And noooo my laugh isn’t that horrible, at least I don’t think so but sometimes when I start I can’t stop and it was really hilarious and I laughed so I cried. It was a post on a poker forum that just flipped me out, I was tired too after being tossed around the tables but still it was so hilarious written that I couldn’t help it. So my neighbours little terrier started to bark and they couldn’t sleep. As a side not in this I can say my TT slept like a baby trough all this, Standard.

Well it rings on the door and I open, still laughing and whipping my eyes and there he is in a very RED and now we are talking RED morning very gayish dress with his hair all “sleepy” ah well I simple don’t know what to call it, it was hilarious fun that too! And he says:–hello.

Ok fair enough but I can’t say anything so I just put my hand up in some peace salute greetings ala me Jane u Tarzan and shake my head. He says- are you alone?In all fairness I don’t think that’s any of his business, right? But I can’t say that so I nod my head, still laughing. He looks over my shoulder into my apartment like he was expecting 4 clowns and 8 stands up comedian or something. He says- you woke up our dog and you have to stop this laughing because he will not stop barking!

And must ad here that their little bloody dog barks to everything! Sometimes TT sits by the door stirring at the door tossing her head to left and right listening to that maniac little rat, TT is Quiet though, just listening to the little bugger.

I really hope you all can all see this sight in front of you because I still cant stop laughing and I wanted sooo badly to say – put on some pan pipe music it will calm him down, cos that was really what the post on pokernet was all about,, but I cant speak, trust me I tried but it was jidder jadder so I just try to say – sorry I will do my best, and then I crack down again. He clap his hand along his red dress and says- I give up, I give up. He said it TWICE CLAPPING his hands, turns around and goes.

Well. What can I say?
But honestly if I rang the door at a neighbour 05 in the morning and the person laughs so she almost peeing her self, I think I will start to laugh too, at least smile and classify her as a nutcase and let her be but I wouldn’t be angry, but hey maybe that’s just me, I dunno.
Note that TT didn’t even bother to jump down from the bed during all this! My dog is really wacko or she just used to me, I dunno. Seems pretty standard in this household. And yes am single- wonder why LOL!

I might add too that earlier in the evening, well ok, quite nightish time I realised it was raining like madness outside witch I love so I took TT with me out and played fottie in the backyard on the grass and it was great, all muddy and slippery and we looked like two mud wrestlers, also pretty standard. Great fun laughing and talking to TT like she is a human but thing is TT tackles really well to get the boll but am quite stubborn me too and the fact that TT got more red cards then a whole deck doesn’t seem to bother her at all, she is very happy and unaware of the world of rules and regulations, really!

Well when I did this, maybe around 01 or so, dunno, I notice this neighbour hanging behind his curtain looking at us, so I think I kind of built up to it already there.

Can also add that this is the same neighbour that caught me doing snow angels in the snow last winter 4 a clock in the morning wearing only my pyjamas and big glows and boots. I mean seriously when new snow is coming one CANT control one self from doing snow angels, simply cant, no one can- or? Me and TT can’t anyway. Then that I was so eager to get out so I forgot my keys and had to throw snowballs on their window so they open the door for me, well, I was excited to get out and also my pyjamas don’t really have pocket for keys, FFS am only human, I forgot! And he was up anyway spying on me and TT so I don’t think opening the door for us was that much of trouble but obviously he is a cranky one.
I think his wife must be very very boring.

How come so many men have boring wife’s?
They tell me that all the time?
I think its there own fault really. One are not boring in one self, that’s not possible but if hanging with boring people well then you get boring yourself, very simple. Never understood why people make life so complicated.

And just now it strikes me, so many moves from this house. I lived her 6 years and I been her longest. I never really thought about it before but maybe it’s my fault!!!!
Chist! But.. really.. come on! Fottie and snow angles FTW!

I actually think learning how to be a decent STT player will eventually help me a lot in my life, because even if a suicide bomber rings my door I will think its quite simple to handle, BECAUSE the beats and the variance in STT is no joke! Jeeeeeeeeesus! I think I played 50 today or so and maybe ITM (that silly word, who came up with it really) in 5!!! That’s no joke, and I been spending 2 hours now going over HH and I simply cant understand how I could not WIN at least a few more? But obviously I didn’t so. It’s a huge relief to sit down on a cash table and get simple standard beats as KK against AA and such lovely things, I mean it feels like sugar compared to the STT one outer programmed dealer. Actually it’s really are fuc**** up my brain.

And my mentor is of course in Vegas where everyone else but me is right now. And the moron texted me saying- I stay here it’s so great; you really should have come with me! Yeaaa that one want to hear sitting here getting all grey-haired and frustrated.

Am 100% sure that those who do STT instead of cash game are happier and more relaxed people, they MUST be, because if you can handle that variance then you can handle everything!

Todays Tick:
Well it has to be “Gambler” for making that post that made me laugh like I have not done for several days, and also “Codiciado” for giving me such sweet compliment in that thread saying: I'd wish all girls was as easy as you Anna-Panna ;-)
Well I know one can misinterpreted that “easy” but I can assure you its not THAT easy, but just.. Easy!

Todays Took
: Here am not sure actually. The man or the variance. Cant decide, take both. What a heck , MY blog I do what I want. Also pretty standard.

Love ya all!

Anna panna & TT

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Gambler_dk said...

Great writing! I hope you keep it up. :-)

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You simply has the most beautiful sense of humor..

C4Queen & TT said...

Thanks!! but really,, this is just another day in my wacko life, lol, but i guess i could do worse!