Friday, June 29

so now one been up all night again - Great!

Ah well…. Here one are again, light outside, children programme on TV and birds singing, or well.. It’s been light a while and those freaking birds have been on it since 4!

Man I tell you learning how to be a good STT player isn’t easy, first of all you need to play a lot of them, A LOT! And second of all I find it hard to swoop between cash game and STT, and somehow I always end up on a cash table taking back what I lose on STT. But am going to beat it, the variance, the luck boxes and the absolute erg to play every suited connector and fish for draws, going to beat all that shit- oh yes. I Will.

Ok enough of that thing called poker. Am going to take TT for a morning walk now as she really deserves it, she is a great mate, definitely, and she has the best of tummies to rub for luck when in an important hand ;-), it’s in my head and if no relevance to the game, I know!

Todays Tick: that would be two things, witch is not really allowed but I cheat, and since its my blog I can do pretty much what I want. Just stop reading if it doesn’t suit you.
1 Skype, great, and free, means without cost.
2 so much vital information in one and same place! Thanks! How did i ever manage before?

Today’s Took; totally and absolutely hate when coming into a place before closing time and get the replay- no sorry we are closing in 10minuts so we clean the cappuccino machine, you cant have a coffee. What? Or; no sorry we don’t have any salad or cucumbers left to your sandwich; we are closing in 10 minutes. What? What does that really mean? To me it means that the customer getting in 20.00 or even 20.30 is more important then the customer getting in 20.50. And that’s a lot of BS to me.

Am I really the only one thinking this is plain stupid?

Hang in there and speak soon!


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