Tuesday, August 7

Mystery with money in the braw resolved!

Woow i certainly intended to write more then once a month!
It’s been a crazy month, a lot of things have happen and they are not suitable to write about here. They are not all good but neither all bad either and life is still here to live so; Get in!

Last Saturday I was out here in this little town and funny enough I got a really good closure on a situation that accrued in January and that has been keeping me a bit puzzled. Anyway, the Saturday night action was a poker tourney first with the lads in the back of a nightclub/restaurant and after that some serious drinking and party all night. Well I think the drinking started straight up and the poker isn’t much to talk about. I had forgotten that among these lads 84 is a really good calling hand even if there is heavy raising going on, lol.

I love my poker boys dearly and we have fun but there hand selections are sometimes giving me tons of grey hair!

Anyway, we had a great night even though I hade to walk home barefoot but that’s pretty much standard. I have a tendency to give it all if there is a party and my shoes where really really killing me so why wear them? I could write a whole blog about my first lesbian experienced that was quite intresting but i save that one for a rainy day ;-) besides before you start to see pictures, i turned it down! Or i could write about how much headache i had day after and that i barley made it down to the pizza on my soure feets and that the pizza man was so kind to give me a pizza even though i forgott my purse at home!! He truly understood the huge efford i went trough! Bless him!

But i wont write about that but want to get back to the issue with the story that finally got a closure.

In January or so I won a tournament in the club here, a bit bigger one so nice very nice. Some of the lads ordered a table in our favourite place and I decided to tag along and eat and drinks, a bit spontaneous have a nice evening out. So I rushed home to swoop cloths and put on some girlie “stuff” as make up and so… I know some of you where thinking totally different things now but nope, just the ordinary things, promise. Well I was stressed so didn’t get a handbag but just my card.
Card goes a long way. :)

Well as it happens, we had a bit to drink and I can only assume I hade a really good time. I woke up following day lying cross my bed fully dressed, except the shoes which I had in my hand. lol.(yea what is it with me and shoes?) I get up and on very unsteady feet’s trying to hit the shower, when I take my braw of there falls out money, a quite an interesting sum actually. And up until last Saturday I have not been able to trig my memory on how they ended up there in my braw or why…. Well.. There really could be several reasons! Most likely a bet or a challenge since am a sucker for that. I also hade pain all over so I figure it must been some kind of bet involving a marathon run or something.

It was neither! It was a fair and square win at the black jack table and when the place closed and I had those money in my hand and shoes in the other one, one of my sweet pokerlads figured it was better he put the money in my braw so he kindly suggested that and I apparantley agreed and said: good thinking put it there for me please. So he put them there. That’s true friendship.

He also said he helped me home to my door since I wasn’t the steadiest girl in the box, lol. Standard. So not much left then to say thanks, most appreciated. And for those who wonder, no I didn’t have any pockets on my cloths, then life would been too easy ;-)

Ended my night today with a 10 ppl Sit & go in the club. We played with 20 k and ante , OMFG it took long, but we had fun no one really wanted to give up, the money was not the thing, we all just wanted to win and the side bets where far bigger then the buy in itself, lol, sa usual. Tess slept in the sofa in the club, music on and a few beers might have been opened up, all in all a nice evening with my boys.

I ended Heads up after being CL for long and then lost it down to a ridicules little sum when being 4 left (1500 or so, lol) and manage to come HU. NEVER give up.
Heads up lasted 3 hands… I get AK of hearts, flop bring out two hearts not much more to add. He get two pair, he had to call me I was so small stack. Thanks to my mentor for teaching me aggressive bubble play, it made me survive.

Todays Tick: whitechipmacmadian nut cookies, simply the best!

Todays Tock: Well I think for the rest of the year.. Ex husband! COME on... give me a break will ya!


Gambler_dk said...

Nice to finally see a new post. I had all but given up on you! :-)

Oh, and DO tell us a bit about that lesbian thing. What a cruel way to tease your readers... :-(

C4Queen & TT said...

hi dear, yea well you know some bits and parts are too good to share ;-) but i think it over.

anna panna