Saturday, June 23

Tess becomes TT and Bin Bin`s goes western

Japps midsummer around the corner and it came and it went.
Got stocked in town, no sea for me this year, first year since I was born I think I haven’t spend midsummer along the ocean somewhere doing flower head things (cant in my life figure out what its called in English) and playing games and hanging with m8`s but one do what one can of what is given so I did.

Tess and I hade a nice relaxing day, am reading a great book for the moment and get a bit carried away in times. My TV I don’t even think I have had on for 2 weeks, it’s really just the premier league I watch and it’s not season for that now. It rained like crazy whole night and whole day and I love it, I love sun and rain just as much as I love making snow angles in the snow at winter, it all has its charm and use, one just need to open up the mind and see it.

Its around 09.30 and am on my way for along morning slow jogg/walk with Tess and also see if any bakery is open to get fresh baked bread but not to hopeful, this midsummer is a pretty big weekend here I Sweden but I am going to se what I can rattle up. After that, well, I need to CLEAN my place and do laundry, not very exciting but needs to be done.

I helped a friend today, to pick present to his girlfriend. Well more in an advising way over the net then IRL, and very funny he was thrilled over my suggestion and ordered what I suggested. Always nice when one can help out and I am 100% sure she will appreciate it and so will he.

What was it he bought?
I suggested Bin bin`s/ Jali Jali or as we say here in Europe; Waste beads, when I lived in Africa I learned to wear it and have it on almost every day. In the African culture one believe this Bin Bin`s not only for the woman to look good but also to keep evil spirits our from the body and keep the energy left inside you. Well…. I think its fun to wear them it makes me feel pretty knowing they are there under my cloths. In Africa its not really good custom to splash them open, to show them, they should really just be there (funnie I know but different culture and everyone has it and a small glance when reaching for something is totally ok and welcomed ;-) but else nope) Here in Europe the girls and even I have it wide open, last year on the beach I wear mine and then it wasn’t so popular so many stirred, who cares, lol, but now I see them every where and you can even buy them in stores like H&M. so boys out and shop a special bin bin for the lady in some nice colours, and remember one shall never wear less then 3. Never. The more the merrier.

I like things simple so I got some bin bin`s in silver, not pearls, and they are my favourites. Got a few that also have pearls that glow in the dark *smile* ...ahhh well since am single no use for that kind of mysterious mambo jambo stuff but trust me it’s a fun accessories.

Ok so of we go me and TT (Tullamore Tilt) from now on will Tess be called TT, since a friend of mine keep calling her that and I never though about calling her anything but Tess but realising it’ indeed is a good name.

So Tess is from now on TT.
Thanks for that dear. Suits her fine and she seems to taken likeing to it.

Todays Tick: Bin Bins, always a winner.
Todays Took: Midsummer far away from my family and Vinö- very Took, very.


C4Q & TT

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