Thursday, June 28

Date With A Legend

Ok, so the mystery goes on.

And now I have been involved too. Am i Mrkinds better half, MrsKind?

I know I can do a lot of table talk to but I don’t think anyone that played me would say I am rude and harsh.

Well I do so much table talk that once on I got a message in the chat window saying:
“please be quiet for 15 sec”!
I think that was hilarious and I quickly took a print screen on it
The nick i dont use anymore, it was created to do a rake race with VIP points enough to go with the lads to Barcelona and see Barca-Liverpol in champions Leauge.

What a great trip we had!
Total of 18 Mermaid VIP players having a splendid time! Didnt have a voice for 3 days after. And of course i won the tournament we sat up in hotel

- Hands OF My Blinds - SHIP IT!

Mr Dokkedal get into the game!

“”I øvrigt kan det være, at der sker noget på kærlighedsfronten. Jeg har inviteret C4Queen fra PokerNet på en date og som jeg ser det, har hun takket ja”” Source:

I have to post it here too so he definitely can’t back out.

Todays Tick: Asger Dokkedal! No shit. Am up for a date to solve this once in for all.

Todays Took: Freaking retarded morons useless kids doing skateboard outside my window for 4 hrs! And yes i did go out and told them, and YES they called me bitch! NH WP GL


C4Q & TT (still a bit sick, she is my sweet darling TT)

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