Thursday, June 21

Midsummar around the corner

Well hallo there!
Welcome to my blogg that I as right now not really have a clue on what it will contain but a bit of this and that in my more or less crazy life I figure!

Tess is my little girl, the absolute most patient and loving dog there is. And right now in this very moment she is cuddled up among my pillows in my bed straight on her back with all legs in the air and yes, she is snoring, this dog is my substitute for husband to kick when he is snoring and she is doing very well. Bless her, my treasure in life!

Midsummer is coming up and hopefully I will travel to our summer house on Vinö an Island close to Västervik. My mum and sisters are already there preparing for all the traditional celebrating we do here in Sweden. Love it out there, one go out with boat and the only motor sound exept a boat one can hear is an old tractor that now and then makes its way between the houses. There isnt even steady connection for mobilephone so one are really cut off, witch in a way is nice now and then. Yes-*smile* there is electricity!

In wintertime the Island is very quiet, not more then 3 families living there all year around but in summer time it goes crazy with all the sailboats comming in everywhere. The BBQ smoke is everywhere and very quickley a guitarr comes out and shlager and singalong friendly tones can be heared everywhere. A heaven on earth for sure.

Todays Tick: Got my first comment in the blogg. N1
Todays Took:AA, FFS Anna just fold them next time!

And don’t be a stranger!
Anna panna…..

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