Wednesday, June 27

"I think that is progress"


Well I seen this 8 times and am still laughing so I cant see for all the tears! I wonder how they recorded it without cracking down, honestly that’s an achievement! Stamp, Stamp, Stamp, and the guy in the background, just absolutley great!

Far from this hilarious clip witch am sure did help me...the clip now and then and also AC/DC`s best record, “Back in Black” loud in my earphones, I managed to reach a few final tables online last 24 hrs. I have started to do STT and also guarantees MTT`s, with smaller buy ins but really good practise and yesterday was one of those sessions that really are rare and one of a kind, it was like I could play anything I just know it will come, totally insane, if I need a 4 it comes a 4 if I need a spade it sure comes, hilarious! No cash to talk about but a final table is a final table.

I got someone helping me with my gaming and am extremely happy for that, not just the experience and the fact that he really truly are good and special, but also the possibility to talk things trough, and more then that we have fun together and that’s how life should be really. Live today m8`s! And I have been looking for so long time to get someone to straighten my play up- so thanks!

I think for the moment what I picked up is more an attitude then really the gaming, hard to explain but more like letting go of the result and just be in the present and of course playing totally fearless. Problem for many I think is in MTT`s that one sit down and do a buy in that maybe are really too much money, and then its hard to play fearless and one get to much hooked up on getting over the magical line, InTheMoney! Stupid name anyway.

Well these days I see it like this, no point being over that line with a small stack, play for 1: st, always. No matter what, play a game you can stand for and be proud of, then the bad beats don’t seem too harsh really. And also I have hard time being focused if there isn’t a decent amount of money involved witch is why I force my self to play the lower guarantees buy in MTT`s, BECAUSE it shouldn’t matter, every time you sit down should be just as important no mater buy in. Else one should quite this really.

I got a friend that been a professional player for 3 years now meaning no other income then poker and he has been doing really well, 100% steady regular on 25/50$ stakes on several sites and sometimes I see his nick on 1500 people free rolls where winner get maybe 200$ and I asked him – what? I didn’t think it was him. He answers me: well if I can beat those 1499 and win I think I did really well, don’t you think so?

Never forget value of money.

While I was doing some mailing a friend from Ireland came online, we talk some now and then he is a really funny guy, always makes me smile and he told me a long line of bad beats he had in a live game this night, and I was like stunned to silent, because it was nightmare situations all of it, I mean how can anyone very same person get quads 4 times same evening? But then he said something I kind of took likening to and I quote him here, (hope that’s ok B?)

“”im normally a lot more depressed when I can’t see light at the end of the tunnel!! But a weird calmness came over me tonight there the beats don’t affect me anymore, I think that’s progress!! ""

Todays Tick: Without thinking one second:

Todays Took: People who sells things over the phone, i hate so i go crazy. first they talk without breathing for 2 minutes and THEN thay ask if one has time for a couple of minutes? Well that does NOT makes sense!

So lets all hope for some progress! And always remember to be open for advice.

Carpe diem! NOW, TODAY! Dont wait! Go Go Go.. go and grap the life!

C4Q & TT

NB1: TT isn’t well actually so if not better later on today I need to see a Vet with her. If she gets better i will go away a day to spend some time with a friend that breafley, unplaned and spontanious stoping by in Copenhagen before heading out to Vegas.

TT will be with her ex daddy, she likes that from time to time so she will be allright, more me missing her i think then she missing me!

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