Wednesday, September 21

WPT Malta Day1 at a glance...

I sneaked down to Portomaso casino just after the players been to their dinner break and it was pretty quiet and sleepy and most action was all the busted ppl coming to tell me their bad beats.. ah well.. its ok.. this time it dont cost ya a cent but dont make it a habit!

A few old friends playing and its always good to see old friends! But god knows both Tony G and William Thorsson must have had a rough year, they lost a lot of weight. It’s not easy to be a pro player these days indeed. Respect.

Gorgeous Christine Sammut from Portomaso Casino along with legendary ( yea I know, am in the middle of  HIMYM, sorry) tournament director Matt Savages'sweet wife.
matt savage

Josef Borg, Casino Portomaso surrounded by family members, his father plays some of the tournaments at Portomaso from time to time and often with respectable stack.
josef portomaso

Erik Smith dont leave his table so often, but a man does what a man has to do when a gorgeous blond walks into the room, he is weak our dear Erik, but who can blame him? Not me. ;) Erik smith
 erik smithES

And a bit later he doubled up with QQ against 77 and am very confident it was my 'scrubananas' as we like to call it, that did the trick!
erik smith 1

And just like that, out of the blue, there he is, what the enitre room been waiting for,  with just a level of playing day1A left he entered and created the normal chaos that suround him: The poker brat! Phil Hellmuth, to honour the day is in an outfit that would make every gay fashion designer on earth envy him, black trousers, red jacket and pink (yes correct) cap. Accordingly to himself he rather be downstairs in the bar drinking Red Label (hmm me, i prefer the black label) so he made the pain fast and sharp like a doctors cut and was all in after just few hands.....

Federico Cipollini our brave contester opened up in mp with 1000 (blinds 150/300) Phil Hellmuth in sb says 3000 and got a call.

Flop is out and say Jh4c3h
Phil bet 4000 and Frederico calls.

Turn is 5c and Phil is all in.
Frederico gives the Brat some resepct and ad some Hollywood show but end up calling.

Phil holds: Ks7s
Federico holds: Ah6c
River is 9s and the poker bratt is gone..... for today.. for sure we see him reenter tomorrow.

phil hellmuth1

phil hellmuth

phil hellmuth 2

On his way out he got some standard trash talk from our loved Tony G and he was also told to stop crying like a baby, all in good old Tony G style , one gotta love it! Exact quote i think was ''"You are an absolute disgrace... Showing up here late and losing all your chips immediately..."

Chipcounts?? Naeee that boring stuff you gotta read somewhere else, tjung tjng!


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