Friday, September 23

WPT Malta Day2 at a glance....

Another day on the rock kicked off and ppl are seated to play day2 of WPT. It will be a long day for the players, as they won’t stop until reaching 27 players….and blinds today are 90 minutes so they are up for a long night. I passed by and stayed a few hrs and met up with new faces, old faces, pretty faces, famous faces and all other random faces.

To my big joy a gorgeous blond chick was chipleader when I arrived, a Italian chick that was sitting behind a pile of chips and a little teddy bear.  Always great fun when a female takes the lead, sadly its not so often they go all the way. This very fine sample of female beauty did very well and took down mini IPT in Nova Gorcia few weeks back , her name is Cecilia Pescaglini and am sure we see a lot more of her in future. Fingers crossed to you Cecilia, hope you go all the way. (with some imagination one can actually... no.. ehh hmmm.. she does have a top, its NOT allowed to play topless in Malta. Its a very chatolic country. We couldnt even get divorced until a few weeks ago.

cecilia 1 wpt malta

Very close to her was Tony G and I think he passed her by now as I read the updates. I be extremely happy to se a heads up between Tony G and Phil Helmuth I think that would be the very best The organizers and Casino as well as all us spectators could possible hope for. They are behaving quite well, both of them, or well.. tony G made a girl cry and Phil Helmuth seriously tilted his neighbor player by saying he played stupid, but hey…  just another day at the office right?

tony G

phil hellmuth clamp up wpt malta

There are a few job in the world I really would not like to have, massaging siting ppl I think have to be on that list. Seriously?
massage wpt malta

wpt malta massage

Its quite funny to see how ppl stack their chips, and I learned the hard way that someone who stacks his chips this neatly and proper, I don’t want to go up against, because they play mostly monster’s, probably because they don’t want to mess their stack up for small suited connector’s and such, I think that’s  a bit rude to the beautiful small suited connector’s anyway, but that’s me….. The feeling of taking a bit part of a stack like that and purposely stack them in odd color and uneven heights just completely random stuff… are a very special feeling, one can almost see how it hurts the player and how eager he is to make his stack justice again. Love it :)
chips WPT malta

chips wpt malta 2

And as a special treat i add this one aswell, its from the side event and the very respectable stack belongs to a friend, Fabian' The Beard man ' Mezanger representing chilipoker with, of course a chili.. spice it up baby!
chips side event wpt malta

So thanks for today and remember ppl, poker is not that hard, just toss em in and hope for the best, and spades beats everything!


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