Wednesday, July 27

Live tours in MALTA

Am a very blessed person. 

Even though it don’t feel like that all the time, especially not since started up online grinding again a few weeks ago, in fact it feels like am THE most unluckiest and cursed person ever. However, we all know its variance right? 

I am truly blessed living in Malta, because we got Casino Portomaso and they really do good in getting lot of good live tours here, just take a look at below schedule for what is confirmed right now!!

#  Poker Live Adventure- 16th & 18th September 2011 - Portomaso Casino (ITL)
#  WPT Malta - 20st to 24th September 2011 - Portomaso Casino
#  ChiliPoker Deepstack Open - 6th to 9th October 2011 - Portomaso Casino
#  Betpro Live Poker Tour - 27th to 30th October 2011 - Portomaso Casino (ITL)
#  Betpro - 30th November to 4th December 2011 - Portomaso Casino (ITL)
#  Poker Live Adventure - 10th to 11th December 2011 - Portomaso Casino (ITL)

And since last September i have been on these event's FT's with two months in between sooo.... lets see.. statistical seen then its time again in September :) GET IN... GIVE me spades!!

I surely hope the ''Catania boy band mafia'' stays home, its sooooo much harder to get on these FT when they are here! However its a bit funnier when they are here so... hmm difficult choice!

Maybe i can convince them to fold?

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