Sunday, September 25

WPT wrap up - we got a winner!

After a very long and entertaining final table, where the commentators Roy Brindly, Phil Hellmuth and on and off between girls and wine also Tony G, did their best to keep our attention. After suck outs to the right and to the left there was one man left standing, and it was one of the 2 i predicted will win, well done me :)

The Winner of WPT, Malta 2011, was Matt Giannetti. He is also one of the November 9'ers so one can say he got some good practice even though am quite sure he find the competitors very different at that table then this. He was heads up against our blond Italian train that completely massacred the field for days playing wild and unpredictable but also having a great instinct of the game. Cecilia Pescaglini came second in this years WPT Malta but still its about her the talk is, and i am very sure we will see her soon again going deep in a big tourney, for sure it is very entertaining!

Matt Giannetti's victory speach was a very humble one and also a very tired one, they played long for several days. He said:  'it wasn't right some of the beats i gave some ppl' , and i think thats a very humble winner and i sincerely hope he go all the way in November.

Tony G called one of the players call  'like a lose slot machine' and with that genius expression  i wrap my  WPT observations up and call it a day and go grab a a few drinks down the casino... my god what a good expression ' like a lose slot machine' hahahahah ! Rock on Tony G!

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