Saturday, September 24

WPT Malta Day3 at a glance...

Day 3 of WPT Malta kicked of on time, one really must say they been very organized and big thumps up to the team and Casino Portomaso, and also as always, GREAT buffet. Thx !

The blond aggressive Cecilia kept on to her lead with some ups and downs, and for sure entertained us, all day long! Holding 1 milj in chips and losing small potts and getting furious is kind of entertaining, especially if it happens all the time…and never did I think so many bad words could come out of the mouth from such tiny  person that also is wearing Hello Kitty headphones. Maybe good not all understood her rambling! Still, big respect girl, for doing it as well as you have and fingers crossed you go all the way, the foul language is just an awesome bonus. Thx.

cecila hello kitty


And Christ man I got surprised when suddenly I hear a voice behind me calling out my name, and to my big surprise see someone I haven’t seen for several years, Roy Brindley. I met him in Ireland quite often when I used to go to the very green island (wazz up with me and islands? ) and play poker. It turns out he will be commentating the FT tomorrow so really look forward to that, together with our beloved ‘poker bratt’ and hopefully guest starring Tony G aswell. Lets hope it be a good old Irish craic afterwards; I for sure know the film team are good at that as well … craic you say? Well you know that Irish thing every one talk about but not know what it REALLY is.
I know what it is.
I will lead the way….
-Hey Boss- I might be late in on Monday, ok?

Of the 8 ppl left, MY money is on the French little guy, Tristan Clemencon,  I think he been playing very very well, ofc he is up for some big resistance and one force to be recon with is Matt Giannetti. Matt has a big date in November that he can’t be late for so let’s wrap it up people. Matt is one of the November 9 players heading back to Vegas for the last battle. There are also 2 swedes left on the table and i know one of them, it be a blast if he win I really would love that, but… ah well let’s see .... in poker anything can happen so buckle up and join the ride!

Again dear people.. do NOT mess with someone who stack his chips like this, and on top of that also look like an English football hooligan, you will end up in serious trouble, for sure! (Simon Trumper, a very nice guy)

 massive chips

Then again, if a mans stack looks like this, the chips might be jinxed and very hostile towards organized surrounding’s, but as most men have something naturaly build in them against order, these kind of chips are more friendly in the long run then the neat one, these one you can wake up beside without makeup, important. Really. i am serious. Neat one's... too much fuzz.

messy chips

Ohh yes, almost forgott, today I actually had a mission, but it might been slipping through my hands, in fact, this is the case, Tony G owes me a coffee, and he is bloody 4 years late with it. Its soon 4 years since he promised me this coffee, and it been on my mind ever since. I travelled to Sidney to play the APPT Grand final 2007 and really looked forward to my coffee, however he never showed up so I got plain and simple dumped... Well.... I been thinking of this now for 4 years and in my opinion this coffe have upgraded itself to a drink or two, I just need to find him, and explain, am sure he will be understanding about it. Or? Come on.. 4 years? Seriously?

No am not mentaly disturbed, i just want MY coffee!

What? Chipcounts?

I already told you that i dont do that! But more time then:
Seat 1: Cecilia Prescaglini: 1.218,000
Seat 2: Filippo Bianchini: 188,000
Seat 3: Fabien Sartoris: 654,000
Seat 4: Matt Giannetti: 309,000
Seat 5: Mats Karlson: 452,000
Seat 6: Simon Trumper: 631,000
Seat 7: Tristan Clemencon: 2.215,000
Seat 8: Christofer Williamsson: 510,000

Hep hep
anna panna

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Facit said...

Lovely! Is it possible to get a picture of our two swedish guys please? Would be super! Good luck with the coffee.. ;D