Wednesday, February 23

Nice smelling chicks in da house!

I played the Ladies event on IPT Malta the other day, I didn’t really plan to play or wanted to, one can say I played under protest, yea yea I got a double moral regarding ladies events. Kill me.

I very strongly think poker is a game we do on equal terms, well that is if one exclude the lucky donks that always hit what they need, they play on totally different terms of course BUT as a gender issue we do play on equal terms so therefore lady’s events are not really something one should encourage.

BUT, its good PR and who doesn’t want to play among chicks only, nice smelling, soft sweet gorgeous creatures that smile and say sorry when they win. It’s so refreshing, especially the nice smells and gorgeous faces and who don’t like boobs? Girls who say they don’t lie. All girls are somewhat little bisexual, am very sure of this. Am yet to experience that part of life as the scared old fashion double moral preacher I am. But, am sure.

OK side tracked, I know. Happens.
Back to the poker, was hitting insanely good first 2 hrs, almost ashamed.. naeee who am I kidding with that statement, absolutely no one that knows me, am a bitch yes. Sorry. Got into complicated hands, called a few all ins too light and then struggled down to bubble where river send me out giving another lady, not so nice smelling or happy or friendly, and no nope nada nothing good about her if I think about it… a one card flush. Suuucks! But very happy my  friend Cristina Pietricola won it, she well deserved it!

Also it was a nice event, chilled and nice, yea still some colluding Italian ladies but hey hoe colluding can only take you so far and they will eventually realize the negative sides of that getting out there in the big world. The event was super well organized in the big congress hall of Hilton. Big thumps up to Portomaso Casino and Pagano events that where the organizers. Nomination for best organized tours I seen will still go to Neil Kelly in Ireland but this was close … Neil… miss you and your bedroom voice in the microphone gliding around the tables! Soon soon soon I need to get back to my lads in Ireland for some good craic!

Craic- everyone knows what it is but no one can explain it.
Toss em in boys and girls and remember spades always win, follow that and you do well.

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