Tuesday, February 8

Date Fixing & Trixing

I like to think one should help friends with whatever they need.

Am not so sure that the two i just tried to help think the same BUT... if one dont try one dont know and i think they would have fun together. To be respectful i changed the names, people are so sensitive sometimes. Below is the mail i send them. Happy freaking Valentines!

He-ya both!

Catrine met Thomas,  Thomas met Catrine :)

I think you two should go out and have a drink (Thomas is reaaally good at drinks Catrine!) Or perhaps you could eat some food, Catrine loves a nice steak, and she is also the best i know getting others drunk 

You are both retarded gamblers so am very sure this must be a super date, well I cant call it date cos then you both be angry at me, but can you just please do this.. for me?

Kisses & Hugs

anna panna

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