Tuesday, February 15

A Legend stepping down

I believe even if you dont have the love for the game, you can appreciate a great athletes action during his years, no wrong, MANY years of being on the real top of the mountain. Its a sad sad day indeed.

Peter 'Foppa' Forsberg has announced he is steeping down his amazing carrier, he has been injured on and off and its time to realize he can no longer do the game he love so much, as he says 'if i cant give it all my best i cant do it, i want people to remember me as someone who maybe not always was the best player on the ice but always DID his best.

I remember during my years in Africa running around hotels finding a satellite dish that can show me some World Cup Hockey. sitting alone watching ice hockey on a small black and white TV in 30 degrees sunshine drinking a local beer. Locals shaking their heads to the crazy white lady sitting there watching that. In Africa its only Football that counts.

Its very touching to see how emotional he is announcing this:

Below is a tribute to a legend, i get chills all over seeing some moves again and they can for sure be seen over and over again. Thank you 'Foppa' for many hrs of entertainment, drama, action and joy!

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