Wednesday, February 23

Libya Versus A Pig

News values to me are fascinating, interesting, sad and sometimes completely not understandable..but perhaps thats just me.

Right now a lot of bad things goes on all over the world. Here in Malta, we are of course quite concerned about what happens in Libya, not only since many Maltese ppl live there but as its very close and Malta seems to be looked at as a neutral little rock in the Mediterranean and a first step to the ’real’ Europe . And haters stop puking words out now; I know Malta is part of Europe. :)

Among all these serious stuff going on with Fire flights landed and pilots asking for asylum and war ships outside our coast and planes circulating not allowed to land but directed back to Libya,- in middle of this things demanding my attention from the computer screen I also listen to Swedish radio and its news every full hr and the biggest news for today,( being announced every hour! ) is somewhat to me in big contrast to what goes on in other parts of the world. The biggest news in Sweden today is that a pig might have been slaughtered ‘alive

Am proud to have a university degree in agriculture and worked many years in that sector both practically and theoretical and am absolutely think it’s very important with human treatment of animals of all sorts. However this made me a bit… I don’t know.. Silent?

The process in a Swedish slaughterhouse is to put the pigs to sleep with chemicals before they get emptied of blood and into the scalding tank, which is intended to soften their skin and remove their hair. Apparently this pig was not proven chemical dead before entering the scalding tank, the pig was a sleep but not dead.

Yes that’s not good.  In fact it’s horrible, cruel and not at all necessary in order to feed us humans.  

However.. I dunno… but it just feels a bit surreal watching videos from the streets in Libya and other very serious things happening all over the world, surreal to hear that the biggest thing that happened in Sweden today 23 th of February was the issue involving a pig. GGWP.

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