Wednesday, June 3

Love you too- she said!

Been a while, but damn if my life is quiet and still. I kind of wish it slow down sometimes but I guess we create it ourselves so hep work, i LOVE to work!

After being homeless a week living in hotel and with friends and shipping Tess till a friend in Mosta for some pool relaxation, yes they have pool, and Tess lived in it for a week, I finally got her back Friday, slept first night in my new home, among paintbuckets, sand and tools. Strictly ordered to be out all Saturday so they will fix the remaining of flat so woooooot to do?? * scratching my head*

Ahhh,, Tess and I had breakfast at a cafe... I ask the waiter if it was too early for a beer, he said no, I trusted him, big mistake, BIG mistake!
Omelet and two beers, and Tess ordered water and sausages. First he was skeptical when she order but I said it was ok, she cant drink beer that early, she is only 4 !!

So I went to the rocks to read a book and let Tess show every one she owns the sea and if anyone wants in they need to pass her, it worked.. not so well... she tried to pimp me up with a bunch of german and then a spanish men and I told her, noooo go for english, swedish, danish ish.. she couldn't manage to find any of that kind to shake her water on so nope no luck!

Melinda and Therese showed up so we cuddle in sun a bit, don't we just love girls cuddle then we moved on to surfside to get some food and as it was waaaaay past breakfast i took the cheekey smile on and asked the waiter if it was ok to order a bottle of wine... he said yes.

Ok, Yes .. you see where this is going right?

After a while Em joined us, and as always when she is coming we bet what color her dress is, she never has skirts or trousers, DRESS, I won, it was red 'ish and she as always look so sweet. I always win, but thats cos i text and ask lol, the others havent got that yet. *shaken my head* a win is a win!!!

Melinda and Teherese left after a while to do beauty afternoon nap. Thats not for real people id say so tunred down the offer to join them, even though the though of us three in bed was quite tempting. I decided to walk Em home as I was strictly forbidden to come home before 18.. so wooooot to do?

Halfway to Em's place she announces she is hungry, well, she is born hungry, its a passion of hers, to eat, yet she is a skinny little spicy chick. Sooo I said ok, I can drink. And when Em is hungry its just to take first place, she get awful crancky else.

Somehow the waiters misunderstood this, am very sure we never asked for 4 bottles of wine, but yet they never ended and just keep coming. Am confused. Its started to be blurry. Tess was chasing sun reflexes under the table, and we also order an Italian platter, so many weird things on it to eat so Tess helped us, waiter came after a while with a big bowl water and said: well now the dog eaten, meskina, she needs water.

We where stunned to silence sicne we where sooooo sure not even NASA's satellites pictures could see we where giving the food to Tess, well somehow the waiter detected this, maybe he works for M5 or something, I dunno. Very sharp eye IMO.

Phone rings. Blurry agreements are made. Taxi get ordered.
Driver convinced Tess don't bite, and that she is Maltas numbero one best dog in tipping.

We end up in a nice penthouse I sweiqie, no clue who lived there, but at that point it didn't matter, but it was so weird, so many polish people, I think I played the guitar, at least I realized waking up day after I cut my nails on left hand off, and got a fade off memory of a stunning version of smoke on the water and ulf lundells oppna landskap and some glowing BIC lighters in the dark of the terrace. Hmmmm... good I don't know who lived there, am quite sure I sang too, and lets just say am no Susan Boyle but its from the heart, my mum always says that's what count. Ohh mum by the way got a third congratulation last Sunday, ON THE REAL MUMS DAY.. whoooo!

Anyway... Tess where sitting and sleeping and as the very responsible mum, well you might think not as she been party with me all day but hey,, at least she is there with me AND eating fancy Italian meat on Fresco .. well as the responsible mummy I am, I said I go home now, very early just around 21.30 ish I think, really not we left... 3 chicks and Tess, and driver was first quite unwilling to take Tess in car, but after some convincing he says ok then, Tess thanked him by burping in his face sitting on my lap at front seat, then she closed the deal with a kiss too, not sure he appreciate it though, Maltese people are difficult to please.

Em and Monica in back said well done girl kiss him again , go go go... and the taxi driver said you are some weird people.

What in earth did he mean, WHO in earth did he mean?

Soo I stumble in my new Casa a bit tipsy, lets just call it tipsy, am a girl after all, pisst drunk don't sound very nice and graceful.

And blimey, the apartment where ready!
I managed to text my adorable landlady a thank you and I love you kind of text... she texted back I love you too and I hope you have a good time in the place. And reading this day after it was quite confusing as my phone ( such crap one, my real one broken) don't save messages unless I order him to, so I don't really know what I wrote her, I kind of didn't even remember that I in fact DID wrote her, but as she repliaed am quite sure i did! But am very pleased she loves me, I hope she still do after my house warming party that you all ofc are invited too.

Sunday was relaxed and cured the hungover with CSI and pizza hut home delivery.

Monday was.... not a very good day... but lets come to that another time, when I know if it be alright or not, for now I stick my head in the sand.

Hep Hep

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