Monday, June 8

Wicked afterparty on the Rock

What a wicked weekend this been!

Thursday and Friday turned into some spontaneous balcony wine drinking and Friday I got so wasted. I really don't get THAT wasted anymore, am bit too old for that, but drunk as an animal, going to a charity thing, yeaaa nh gg wp. Well, only one way to cure a hungover.... and was invited to a bigger party out in Marsa golf and polo sports club on Saturday so just to shape up and start it up.

Em and Millena joined me and I took the very clever decision to drive out, and IF getting too much to drink I leave the car and come for it day after lol. Well its sick, in Sweden I wouldn't even dream of thinking the thought IF , I just leave the car if I have one glass of wine, Malta however is a bit different indeed.

Ity was a niiiiiiiiiice party with such cool music, some of the best Dj's on the island for sure jumped in and did spontaneous play, the party was a birthday bash for Toby Farrugia, Dj and music producer in Malta. It was great fun and besides all the Maltese girls hate stirring eyes, well they don't like western girls for sure, but we ignored that and had a blast. As we where the only one not being Maltese we kind of got max attention anyway and danced all night and had weird discussions with people. Around 4 it closed down as that's the official close time in Malta..... however it don't stop Maltese people alright.

After some calling and driving around with Toby and some friends, we got the right location, it apprantley changes from day to day this place ....We ended up in an industrial area somewhere in Valettta, and to me well... after party are more like 10 ppl drunk in an apartment solving the world problems cooking pasta and hot dogs, but in Malta it means something else... it mean Utz Utz for sure! Loud , massive and most likley 80% of the crowd on stronger shit then alcohol but that's their choice, don't work for me but I don't judge them. Am high on life!

About 200 ppl totally partying it out with nice music in an illegal club with full bar, 100% sure without a license but don't matter to me. Really a nice one to experienced. We left around 08 due to starvation! Took a nice beef fillet with pepper souse in st Julian, by the water fall, its nice one can have beef fillet that time alright! We where drunk as animals and oh my they gotta be feed up with drunk people eating there early mornings!

Walking Tess while getting home, its about 09.30 and I met a whole English sports team of some sort.. probably here on training camp and out for the morning exercise.......bhaaa they look at me as I was from planet mars, well could be the fact I didn't have any shoes and telling Tess all about the evening, what is it with me and shoes anyway!

I love partying in flipflops... yepps.. the other chicks had 10 cm heels I shake my head and said, ehh.. you going home 01? Millena was a routinized chick though, 03 she magically from her bag picked out a pair of flip flops and joined me in the 'we who love partying in flip flops crowd'

Flip flops I really hated living in Africa, but I kind of learned to accept them here. Noo.. love em

Now its work work work, I am a bit behind, and need to put in some massive hrs this week! Its ok, I love work. And jesus... 17 of our players and few staff went to playboy mansion this weekend, not fair getting text messages and pictures from kandyland, sooooo many boops, oh my! I would been so confused.

Max it babes!


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