Tuesday, June 23

Why didnt i buy the book?

December 2007 i went to Sidney to play the APPT Grand final.

I had an amazing 10 days with poker and traveling, both i love. The poker was worst suck out ever, already written about it here so wont go into that boring part. Floped quads against better quads.. on the river. bhaaaa!

One day i went for a long walk, and ended up in a park, in the park they had an exhibition of 'photos from the above'. Am so amazed by these ones, i really can study them forever.

( See my from my blog dec 2007)

I bought a book to give away to a special friend, that took care of Tess for me while away, but how stupid i was to not buy a book full of these amazing pictures to myself, i would have the perfect place for it now, in my Maltese balcony, places on a 'painters staffli' i would change one page every day, read about the miracle shoot and enjoy the picture.

But i didnt buy the bok. And been lazy, i could prob order it online.but.... not the same...somehow... maybe wish if for xmas!

Its photos taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, he fly around our earth and take photos from the above..... its strong beautiful amazing photos. The organization where he is chairman made an movie called : HOME (Yann Arthus-Bertrand are the photographer)
Its very long but, if one take time and watch it, its stunning pics, preferably i listen to it without commentators just music cos some of the stuff she says is.. well.. don't go with my theory anyway.

But i did hook it up one evening to my TV and sat there in the dark watching these amazing colors, it was nice. Also the lasagna that i cooked that day, eaten in sofa, (love eating in sofa BTW ) was nice, and the red wine was a filthy expensive bottle my boss send me in a packet of 10 bottles for my birthday, i enjoyed it but i still would have enjoyed having the book even more

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