Wednesday, June 10

Now i feel bad!

Omg... i just yelled at someone at Vodapone so i almost feel ashame, long time since that happen, i mean not that i complain lol, am a bitch, but that i feel ashame over it.

I feel close to sick.

I scream at him and told him ok lets do it the maltese way then!! Lets scream as you small pastitzi boys do.. lets scream and be rude! I even cursed him in maltese.....i feel horrible now..... i told him he should go and **** a goat

BUT i hate the fact they dont shut up and listen but just keep on emphezising their own voice, and then ask can you repeat that madam? Makes me furious, you know what i mean if you ever tried dealing with Maltese people buisness wise( not privatley)

so i among many other things i told him no i cant repeat, if you listen you know what the question was! and then it continued... and esceladed to a level where i belaive they could hear me at surfside!

arghhhhhh fuck now i feel so bad! i mean i like Malta and Maltese people, now am confused, but i really really hate vodapone!

And i qued for ages, and they connected me wrong 4 times, and i had to explain for 4 people before they tell me no madam not here, next department. And answer the question is it regading a blackberry .... 10 times... and i scream NO its about a 3G mobile internet device!! and they say all of them...

What kind of mobile phone is THAT madam?

drinks anyone?

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