Monday, April 13

Why go out if your not ready to F*ck ?

Easter 2009

Yes now its over, thank god! Not that i dont like yellow and fethers and egg and chickens, its allright, its just so weird we need a lot of hollidays i mean, i work everyday anyway, only differences these hollidays do to my poor soul is more alkohol.

Am just home now, started out to be THE most boring eveing in PV ever, i couldnt even manage to steam some hooligans up for kick boxing telling them how much i dear and deepley hated ManU, when not even THAT work, then one know its hard. BUT then something weird happened...and it started already saturday....:

I had a kind of weird conversations saturday at Native.
And its weird, because this started out to be somone i really didnt like, but he was very stubborn and in end it turned out to be someone i KNEW, small world!

Him: you want a drink?
Me: No, thx.
Him: come one, pls just one.
Me: no am ok, thx.

I continue rocking things with my girls.

Him: So whats your name?

I try my best to ignore, its hard, he is very stubborn, you know its the wolf houer, where everyone who havent got lucky are desperate and just step up a noch or two to sort it.

Him: whats your name?
Me: its Ester
Him: Esh? what?


Me: Ester as in easter.
Him: ok whatever, you live alone?

I dont answer that one, none of his buisness cos he NEVER going to see my place anyway. (even though he actually looked allright, selfsure and hooligan kind of type, didnt smell of puke and seemed to be in legal age so lots of important boxes ticked but nope)

I gotta give it to him either he is very depserate or he is just determend to win this one...anyway...

Him: Easter Girl, come one.
Me: what?
Him: we both know this is bullshit talking, lets just go home, am tired
( actually this CAN work on me, i kind of like a man that is straight forward, but if am not interested its going to be a world war 3 before he gets lucky)
Me: Good luck.

Him: nooo dont be like that, why you go out then?
Me: am gay, am here with my girls

Here he seem to think a bit, like taking the information in, and well am not gay but i think you know that. However he kind of decided that this information was not of that big importance for his mission so he keep on:

Him: no fu*king way you are, then God is a fu*king mental case (english people swear a lot, i think)
Me: no he just had a ruff day making me, couldnt make his mind up.
Him: but they dont dance like that, i been watching. And they dont really have sparkling eyes. (ehhh woot? is he joking with me? noone says these things, seriously noone....its year 2009)

Me: give up, its not going to happen.
Him: bitch.
Me: Excuse me?
Him: bitch
Me: soooo just cos i dont want to do YOU a complete stranger am a bitch?
Him: yes. WHY go out then if your not ready to fu*k?
Me: ehhhhhh, what a idiotic thing to say
Him; bitch.

He is kind of starting to make me angry now, i know i should just ignore and walk away, but for some reason i cant and we end up argueing, angry, loud and silly, so phatetic, i throw my drink on his face tell him to **** off and left. But that was good, the girls and i moved on to shadows where i run into the CL boys, nice but i didnt stay very long, we do a better party like a rock star next

THEN tonight, after trying to whine those Man U fans up i turn around and who is there if not that annoying person, seriously NOT funny. Just my luck.

Him: ohh angry green eye girl with funny name ( he was aparantley not THAT drunk as i thought, if one can remember someones eye colour one arnt)
Me: you deserved it
Him: so they say all the time
Me: good
Him: you want a drink?


Me: ohhh no, here we go again. NO THANKS!
Him: no no i never try to get you home ever again, i swear but cant we just have a drink?
Me: but why? As am not ready to do what you want this is quite time wasting right?
Him: no am curious, girls are normaly not like this
Me: am not really a girl, i think woman is more accurat
Him: i think your weird and funny
Me: i think your stupid, and that shirt is ugly and you should shave better
Him : i know, i dont like it either, but noone ever told me its ugly. Is it really UGLY? And if i know i meet you again i shave
Me: ok good for you, i dont really care.
Him: of course you do, you want me.
Me: no i dont
Him: your funny. Lets go, i get a taxi.
Me: so you still think you can make it?
Him: yes
Me: Your waisting your time, if you wanna get laid, go harress someone else

But now i actually starting to think he is a bit funny, but i cant really give up my mascho no no attitude now allright, thats weak.

Him: i have no problem getting laid. But they are just pretty little girls without cloths, not what i need
Me: well if you want to find wife material this is not the best place.
Him: can you do scrambled egg or omelett? I prefer that in morning. And bacon.
Me: of course i can, but i wont.
Him: come on, please?
Me: will you leave me alone if i have one drink.
Him: if i say yes i lie and thats not a good way starting something.
Me: lol
Him: only poker players actually SAYS l.o.l
Me: ok well am damaged then.
Him : so what, so you play online?

He IS little funny, so yeaaaaaa i agree to a drink, i mean what harm can one drink do!!!

Now... am not good in having one drink so we have quite a few and actually having fun, he is from London here on buiness combined with some days vaccation and seem to be quite ok actually, imean with brain, not as i first thought, plain idiot.

THEN ...Its so so weird. it turns out we played eachother so so many times both on Boss and on cryptologic where i played a lot 1-2 years ago, he tells me his nick and i reqocnise it straight, i tell him if he ever remember playing ********* ( i dont wanna put my nick out, sorry) He remembers, both that nick and 2 other nicks, so so sick. Even remember what i used to say to him around the tables, hahaha i can be quite rude sorry. World is really small.

Or maybe its just Malta being small.

Sooo.. what started out with me throwing a drink in his face, yea sorry am a bit impulsive i know, ended up quite ok anyway. He be playing EPT San Remo next week and as i might go over anyway we decided he can treat another drink.... or two.

He walked me to Wembleys, sorted a taxi out for me, opened the door lol
(WHO does that? ITS year 2009 .. still...)

Him: sleep well green eye big bump girl
Me: thx retard with ugly shirt

We kind of sliped into the online talking, like around tables, it dont mean anything to me said like that, just funny, but the taxi driver looked a bit suprised, but its Malta i guess they heard and seen it all.

Him: if you want me to join you just say it, but you have to SAY it.
Me: i will never say it
Him: so then it will never happen
Me: no, unless you give me many drinks, then it might
Him: ok thx for the advice
Me: your welcome.

And now am home, so silly this evening turned out, but as the very nice chicka bella i am i decided to fix him some breakfast

I know his name and i assumed he stayed either on Hilton or Continental as he didnt needed a taxi and i know the stakes he play, so it gotta be one of those two. So i phoned the recepitions, found him, i can be very stubborn so they told me, and then i order breakfast for him to his room 08 a clock, scrambled egg and bacon. They charge my card. It was not cheap, and if he dont get its me, he is daft and dont deserve it anyway.

Am silly

and tomoprrow when sobering up i probarbly most likley erase this blog


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