Sunday, April 5

Getting even! Fair and square!

Its been one of those crazy weeks, and as always when being somewhere i make imposible schedules, and run around fitting all in. But i like stress, organized chasos makes me happy. Proparbly cos i feel important solving it :)

I love the kind of job i have, am very blessed, i work with something that interests me and also sort of my hobby. Thats very fortuned. I know.
And am greatful - for sure.

Friday was set aside to travel to the town where i lived several years, and when moving to copenhagen june last year i stored all my life (lol) and stuff into my storage room belonging to the apartment, i rented the place out to a sweet little girl with big brown eyes and said: hasta las vista baby!

When moving to Malta in november i let her have the contract of the apartment, i got no plan ever in this lifetime live in that city again. My ex live there still.

Seperation was like 100 yers ago so its ok, imean WTF it happens, people move on and life is there to live, and i have not said a bad word about him, even though i surley could allright, and my friends and family where swearing over him, i just think liek this: we had some awsome years aswell, so if i start to talk bad about it, then those years get dirty too, and i dont want that. Things happen for a reason. And i leared so so much going trough it, and its up to each and everyone to create ones happiness, cant expect on others to do that for you and remember: Happiness isnt a place its a journey! Fuck am such sentimental bitch! Grow up!

HE anyway, lived in this apartment with me for 4 years and he hasent even put one hr in helping me emptying it down to the seller so now he just had to, and actually we last 6-7 months been on speakable terms even had fun and joking, so all good, i thought!. This town is 2 hrs with train from copenhagen so up early. finaly there and rented car, trailer to move all this shit to a leased storage room where noone can tell me with 2 days notice move your stuff, wich the pretty brown eyed girl did a weeka go.

Ex came, he said hi, moved 5 boxes and left. lol. Yepps! (puke)

Now it all came very clear to me again, THANK GOD, as he plan to come to Malta and visit me, now i really can say NO, why we are not WE anymore! Besides all lies and betrayls, he is still a selfish, lazy bastard. Why he had to leave?
Someone dying? Emergency? Nooooooo: TRAINING!!

Arghhh.. serioulsy, i live in Malta, i come home, i got ONE day to do this! I know, he is an elite athlete and need to train 3 times a day, I KNOW, our whole life was about that. But COME ON!!! I really dont like lazy people, and he is lazy with everything exept his training, i dont expect people to work 18 hrs a day as i do but arghhhh.. i dont often ask for help, this time i did. So am left there its even lots of furnish i cant move it my self, impossible. But i sorted it. Out of pure anger.

A girl in the house that i know since long came by seeing me, and i said hey dont you need anything (lol) she asked me if i joke. I said nope, take whatever you want need i cant care less. So she took a whole serie of bookshelfs with glasdoors and about 1000 books , i had a whole big wall with books. I also had about 200 books from late 1800 in leather that i been running around in old shops finding one now and one then so i got a whole serie, i had it valued some yers back and it was worth so much so i even upgraded my home incurence, so i gave her thoose too.

I said: listen, Am in love with these books, i been collecting them in small shops all over sweden for several years every town i come to i look in small antique shops, they mean something to me, they are so so beautiful peaces please dont burn them, take them and sell them and travel, and please have a shitload of drinks (lol) and send me a post card.

She promsied she will send me a postcard, so thats nice, thanks! (puke)

Whe done, Its an understatment to say i was totaly exhousted and pain in muscels i didnt even know i had, or can fat also have pain?

Ex texted and called 12 times wanting to know i was ok and sorry sorry sorry sorry, i of course didnt pick up just deleted his fu**ing messages! Word dont count, what you do counts! HE of all people know i cant do these things, some days i cant even open a bottle myself, thats what arthorithis does to you. And he knows.
Well, bye bye Mr super mega elite 3 times Olympic Games participation MASTER.
Your erased! You proofed your self once again. (puke)

Soo.. around 16:20 the travelcompany decided to bless my wonderful day with a phonecall informing me the flight i booked to get home to Malta has been canceled.

I never heard that, delayed but totaly cancelled and 24 hrs ahead? Well, not my problem i told them, just sort it. She says no we have right to do this 24 hrs before take off. And she actually did call 24 hrs and 10 minutes before take off NH GG WP, i gave her a very sincer compliment knowing the company rules so so well and told her that it really must makes her feel superior (puke) then i hang up.

Cant be bothered, i fly home another day then FFS!
She phoned back in 10 min and had fixed it, but next problem is, they cant take swedish or malta card, so the flight was paid by a colleque in denmark earlier that morning, just to be able to get the ticket. I have a danish card as well, but no money on it since i dont use it . And now she really chocked me, (concidering how rude i was earlier to her, but i was really feed up on this day so she got for it) she said: no its ok, give us a ring next week and you can pay the difference then. -, what? Weird. Because its not a compnay we use all time for travel its just one of those online companies.

So finaly in my hotel in copenhagen, longing for a hot long bath and a glas of wine. I beliave i deserved it. I turn on the water and go and check my emails i only had over 100 being away a day, sick. Then i get lost in some conversation, and suddley i noticed it sounds weird from the bathroom and FUCK yes my bath! Arghhh...

And this room is a suite, as we had meetings we needed space. I dunno how to explain but the bathroom has a step down about 15 cm ....... and yepps.. water all the ways up to the step! And HOW can one build a bathroom with out any place for water to get away?? There isnt any!!! My god. So dressed only in a bathrobe am trying to get my way to the bath tube to atleast close the tap. Yea sure.

Why i think this would be ok i dont know, nothing else this day been ok. I slip. Hit my head, manage to not fall but it costed me a trip into the zink, so i got noseblood. This is not funny Martin, stop laughing! Yes iknow you! your laughing now!

I start my swearing,am really good at that, took same one as i have in store when my AA get cracked, its not nice, i can assure you all that. I find some ice for my forehead and then while in middle of all this, it knocks on my door. And i know who it is and what he want, and if i dont open he just go in! He done that for 2 days now. Its the water man. Yepps .. seeeeee people living in suits get lot of important revolving life changing bennefits, one of them are the water man.

Every day 20.30 ish, he comes around to give you an extra bottle of water (HOW silly is that, if i badly want a bottle of water and the minibar dont have water i drink something else OR CALL room service or?) i just dont get this.
And he knock again. ARghhh..

So i stumble out, nosebleeding and the white bathrobe looking like i killed someone, bloody and all wet and holding a towel with some ice on my head. To be honest, am not in my most frindley mood. Actually, in all fairness am quite irritated. And am still swearing. Very foul words. I open the door, and i have to give him some credit actually, he didnt even blinc, (lol) he just said in that very special english accent people from India got:

-god evening madam, your water is here.
(here, HERE, like i was sitting waiting for it, jesus christ)
I said: THANKS!!!

I dont need more water, i got the whole freaking bathroom full!

I somehow got to remove the water from the bathroom it cant be like this, but how? Am not going to crawl around here on my knees after a day like this with a coffe cup pouring it into the zink!

I take as much as i can away. Used all towels there where, even those extra ones in wardrobe. And then i crack the genious idea ( sometimes am suprised myself how smart i am) to use the floor heating, the bathroom got floor heating, of course, people living in suits cant be expected to step their precious feets on cold floors while stumbling out there in the morning so, great! I turn it up on full speed, take my shower, go ut, close the door and say night night bathroom.

Then i jumped into bed with Mr Laptop a very faithful and trustworthy partner, had a few glases of wine, played few tables of poker, did some amazing sick suck outs that made me fel so so soooooooooooo great, and told them : Ty most appreciated. They hate that.

I woke up saturday morning with lap in my arms (lol) i really love him so so much.

So left to say about this trip is just: am prepearing for next one Mr Jinx Master so you gotta be very good next time, cos am getting even, fair and square.



NB: sickest thing is - there is probably not one thing in that storage room i would ever miss or want again, exept those books. Carpe Diem!

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