Thursday, January 5

Howay the lads!

So yesterday, I promised to outsource my good football karma to a mate that insists cheering for one of those bonecracker teams that often give good raw games but few points. However this season they are picking up and that’s cool.. . Against ManU I love all team so I gladly said yes to help cheer Newcastle to some points. (especially since i do have some old relations to dear old NC and the good old Brown Ales, my old mates Dokkedals favorite beer)

Anyway, the consultant fee for this is just a some beer, so if anyone need my help just let me know.

ManU has a big support here in Malta so finding a place with some striped soul mates was not really to think of, said and done, seated with a cold beer in hand we kick off…

And no point dragging this out so let me sum it up:
1-0 My mate look around and says, I run VERY fast Anna am used in being outnumbered but.. can you run?
WTF? Seriously dude I don’t DO running, shut up and watch the game.
2-0  FUCK running!
3-0 The Man u fans are leaving….and passing us I couldn’t help myself  but said; GG lads, bye bye (sorry boss)

A ‘few’ more  beers later (sorry boss)  it was time to go home and post obscenities online to all Man U fans, (sorry boss) ohh yes almost forgot, brought my camera, took a pic of the leaving ManU fans….(sorry boss)

Sometimes am quite surprised I still have my job. 

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