Wednesday, July 25

Minihumans strike 1

Conversation between me and a minihuman today at Luxol fotball stadium:

Minihuman: is your husband playing fotball?
Me: noo just watching some frineds
Minihuman: but where is your husband?
Me: no idea actually (its not a lie really, i mean he is somwhere)
Minihuman: but is he playing fotball?
Me: well.. yea somewhere maybe he is (no lie either)
Minihuman: But where?
Me: well..
Minihuman : you dont have one do you?
Me: well...
Minihuman : you need a husband
(Me thinking: Come on, give me a break!)
Me: yes i know
Minihuman: everyone should have a husband
Me: really?
Minihuman: yes my mum has one

Then he run off.

Am like... Wooot did just happen here?

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