Wednesday, March 30

Malta Poker Dream a world of Espresso, Sambucca and some poledancing!

THEY are here... again, more than ever, they are here, there and everywhere!

Loud, well dressed, nice smelling, cute and very flirty, yea yea of course am talking about the Italians. It’s the Malta poker dream coming up, a 5 days long tournament and its for sure going to be a massive loud drama, they are very loud :)

In Sweden we have a saying, something like your life is not completed until you have had your Italian, well I still haven’t got mine so am very excited and hopeful!  They are adorable cute with their flat little handbag hanging across the chest while worldly zipping their Espresso and the sidekick Sambucca..

But this is not just a ordinary tournament with standard suckouts and crazy moves. During the tour they are making a movie, not a documentary but a real cinema movie and the plot is too funny to not tell

Two Sicilian brothers,  one hot bad bad boy one cute autistic genius, fall in love with same girl, her name is Anna, and I BTW take this as a CLEAR sign that my Italian is on his way! Anna is however a bit naughty, works in a bar (always wanted to do that) and at night she is a pole dancer (always liked that too ) And BTW seems like the perfect girl for one of my robber from cardamoma town, Kasper, you listening!!!???

As it happens, this chick knows many dubious people in the underworld of Milan and hook the brothers up with some douchebags to help them be propoker player in order to save their sick little sister that needs expensive care. The brothers fall apart over the love of Anna, of course, needless to say, pretty obvious they would, an Anna is an Anna. They both however travel to Malta to play the massive Malta poker dream, the dream of 1 million Euro and to save their sister.  Of course they end up Heads up so must be a win win!

-Two opposite characters ... The same blood ... Only one goal ... Victory

( quote from the website, i seriously cant make that up)

I am pretty sure we see a few familiar faces on this final table as they been using locals as well in this move. All day yesterday and today they been filming and also will film during the event itself, so we all get our chance of 15 minutes of fame, yay!

For those who want to read more about it check this site out:

Ahh well…. Time to toss em in and hope for the best.  Day1A kicks of 16.00 and this chick will be seated, ready to rumble with the Drama queens! Good luck to me!

Below a favorite :

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