Monday, March 28

Hello Kitty with her robbers from cardamom town strike again

This weekend it was time for a tournament in one of the smaller Casinos here in Malta that also are quite new to poker, they have smaller tours and many new beginners playing, but i like the place, the atmosphere is nice and ppl friendly, Oracle casino is in Bugibba, a smaller sea town that are loaded with ppl in summertime and a quiet in winter. The tour went well, after 7 hrs play we did a deal and played for some smaller extra money for the winner,  It was the Casinos first bigger buy in tour. 

However whenever one think one seen it all one just get reminded that there are just as many different styles as there are ppl, I think I never seen so many odd play and weird explanations but hey hoe, am not there to teach anyone so keep it up champs ! However colluding s not something I ever will tolerate,  agreeing to check it all the way preflop just because its against someone you know and in end flip over a hand that gave you top pair on flop, 2 pair on turn and full house on river…. Ghaaa.. back in the days in Texas you been shoot for that one! Strangest thing was dealer heard them say let’s check it all the way and didn’t react, I was busy with a waitress so didn’t reacted until card where flipped over and I then said wooooot??
They then kindly explained as the most natural thing in the world that they agreed preflop to check it all way and I was also told I should have protested. dohh.. What a completely odd thing to say! Am being nice now, I wanted to write retarded fuck shit moron thing to say, but I didn’t say that, you dint read that :) 
Its not my thing as a player at a table to check every hand, every pot, every change or every word spoken, its really tiring that Casinos in Malta seem to think it is.  The dealer said, he thought it was ok since no one protested.. bhaaa!  And floor didn’t have the guts to say anything just stood there.

Ah well,  all good that ends good, took my 3 th live tour win in 7 days, not big tours but still a win is a win and as always, spades beats all and the 9 is awesome! Afterwards i stopped by a friends bar and had a few drinks, Hello Kitty with her robbers from cardamom town where indeed rocking, but starting to catch up with drinks around 03 is sooo stupid really : )

''Langt, langt borte i det fjerne ligger Kardemomme - Utenfor byen bor de tre røverne Kasper, Jesper og Jonatan som bare vil gjøre det de vil og ikke bryr seg om å være grei og snill. De tre røverne er spesielt glad i Bakerens saftige bakervarer og Pølsemakerens smakfulle pølser. Kasper, Jesper og Jonatan er ikke særlig glad i å vaske eller å lage mat, så en dag bestemmer de seg for å røve noe helt spesielt… ... ''


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