Wednesday, December 8

The Cougar Era

An Era refers to a long period of history. So its written, Wikipedia knows it all.

So I guess it’s just to face it, am now past quite few Era’s in my life I kind of missed to peak in any of my era’s so THIS is the one!!Or?

The childhood one was busy screaming for attention with older siblings, yea you know youngest * rolling my eyes* really hard job especially if your stubborn. Next up: the teenager Era, well there i fought the fight of the underdogs being chairman in my school and sitting in community boards representing the Younger voice!

After that,  college Era where I was very busy trying to be the best and also sitting in boards in different groups making myself feel super important I also did a lot of hard work keeping horses and riding so leisure time was slim, very slim. However I did arrange a lot of parties in these boards, glory were the 80’ies and the funny hairs and cloths. Glory glory glory!

University Era was indeed sweet, I lived in a house that had 22 rooms, it was 21 men, me and my dog. It was a good era. Every Thursday we had university pub and I can without lying say I don’t remember a single Friday for 2 years. I can also very shameful say most of our exams where on Fridays, how that puzzle actually manage to go well in end is still a riddle so hard to understand so it would take an Era just to get the strategy planning done, so I left that.

After this it was carrier and working Era, something I enjoyed and suddenly a day I realized i was married, yes it was just like that actually so without knowing it I was now in the married Era, and yes ofc, Baby wanting Era, been there done that, temperature, eggs, cycles and lot of practicing.. However I guess my soul and mind where awaiting another Era, my PRIME time Era.

Because no babies, just another dog. Beloved darling Tess.

After this am a bit uncertain what to call it, divorce Era sound a bit harsh don’t ya think? So let’s say testing my wings Era? Leaving a government job and starting to work with poker, Yea sound insane I know, but I blame all my prior Era’s for this drastically change and it was time to fly high, and what a ride! Oh yea baby, hotels, casinos, crazy sidebets, more hotels more casinos and learning to see good in dark, as one don’t sleep at night working with this. Perhaps it should be called my vampire Era. Properly more correct.

So now am ready for next Era. Bring it, ship it, toss it all in and hope for the best!
I guess it cannot be called anything less than the – Cougar Era

Wikipedia’s explanation gives me hope:
-Cougar - The term is commonly applied to women who are forty or older and pursue younger men-

So now good ppl you all know what Era I am in rest of my life, cos it ends here right? The Era shit.

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