Sunday, December 19

Lesbian week with italian princes and lots of Sambucca

Prince of poker, how does that sound? all goes back a week in time when i realizes that among poker people in Malta am considered to be Lesbian, i don't really mind that,  no no not at all, am quite open minded but to get our facts right from start, am not Lesbian :) yet anyway. Am still battling for the team of the weird species called men.

Ever so often to the little rock called Malta they come, full of hope, new poker moves and huge craving for coffee. Yes.  THE ITALIANS.

They often come many at the time, this time it really felt like many, but perhaps because all Scandinavians on the island gone home to Santa land to pet Rudolf and make snow angles... loooovveee snowangles :( However, this time it was DIFFERENT. It felt like they where different Italians, or maybe my lesbian week made me more open minded, probably. Or perhaps they all where so happy escaping xmas shopping with the wife's so they all where in extra good mode, cos they where nice, sweet, smiling, funny, still completely impossible to communicate with as i can no Italian and very few of them English but somehow it works, Maybe i can ask for a video from Casino Portomaso when i try to explain to a very flirty man that no i cant go with him to his hotel room cos i haven't shaved my legs, am quite sure that one would be an award wining peace on youtube. He took it fairly well, so am quite sure he didn't understood. no big deal. He smelled very nice. Am an after shave junkie, think i need to smell him some more, i couldn't place it :), anyway,  Thanks for the drinks.

Ok so to the tour:
500+50 euro, 20 000 Start stack, 40 min blinds day 1, 60 hr blinds day 2 and 3.
100.000 euro guarantee. (by

Tour is held at Portomaso casino and been very well organized, big up for the crew behind it. Very profession. Raffaele Maria De Nicola is TD and doing a great job, as always, we really miss him on the island. Also thanks to Josef Borg who kindly let me bring a friend to the buffet, complimentary of the house, much appreciated.

There are so many hands and situations so i could seriously write forever but it will not really anyway give it the right feeling, one gotta be there cos playing with Italians are a bit like playing online just that you actually see the ppl screaming and have to duck for the chairs coming. Love it! Poker should be done with passion! They seem good at that.. the Italians , PASSION! ( note to one self, shave legs)  And they dont feel bad and start excusing when they suck out they just rub it in and ship the pot and clap the table to say well done to them self's, i LOVE THAT TOO :) its so refreshing, all these nice players saying soo soo sorry for that, well they lie, they not sorry. Italians way is the way forward.

Toss it in, hope for the best, and fuck the rest. On your bikes ppl!

Just one question: whaz up with the ski pants?
Many of them have like skipants with hangbump... is this like new fashion? Italy is know to be land of fashion, well, am not much into fashion and honestley guys the skipants thinghey,total turn off. No amore ther nop no nada zipp zero. A man, a real man, should wear jeans, prefarable wrangler :) and smell good.

14.00 its time to battle it out again, we are 10 left and am sure it be good fun, and i can honestley say of all tours i played this been the most entertaining one, if it has to do with my Lesbian week or not i dont know, but it has been a pleasure getting to know some new faces and i really really hope you all come back again and again, in jeans.

Chips, starting on 4000/8000
  1. Marco Viscomi 583,500
  2. Marco Romoli 536,500
  3. Anna Colley 345,500
  4. Antonio Filocamo 336,500
  5. Salvatore Castorina 329,000
  6. Antonio Bellini 276,000
  7. Riccardo Mazzitelli 275,000
  8. Jonathan Pyartt 191,500
  9. Alessandra Cravero 133,500
  10. Steven Van Zadelhoff 72,500

Feeling a bit 'badmotheroftheeyear' title coming up,  day 2 kicked of already 12 yesterday, WHO decided that by the way? Bhaaaaaaaaa! No room for nightley activities at all... i woke up 11:15 and no time to take Tess out for a proper walk,  its a dog not a child for you who now are starting to dial social service on me, and i wasnt back home until after 10 hrs, yes i know, but she is ok, she cuddled down under the duvet and snores. And i got her 3 burgers from burger king :) as a bribe, see thast A MOTHER of the year thingey hep heeeeeeep! girl at Burger king looked at me weird when i say i get 3 of whatever you got ready, she started to explain what that was, and what was on the burgers ehhh.. i said hold it right there, no need just give it to me, am not eating it its for my dog. A short moment it looked like she would refuse to give me the burgers, like the pizzaman in sweden, remeber that one, blog post? July 2007 , Festival in town and battle with mr pizza man. My god THAT was a odd pizza man.

Tess forgave me and eat it all! All that matters.

Toss em in and hope for the best!
Lots of love to ya all!


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